Hi Everyone,

I am French with a Vietnamese Mother born in Tonkin.
I am very passionate in Wildlife because I consider it is a great matter for our Future...
I respect Animals, I admire Buddhism I try to stay vegan,

I work in the Automotive Industry but in my spare time I am volunteer in National Parks everywhere in the World.
I am an alumni from a "Grand Ecole of Economics" in France.
I travel a lot in various countries mainly in Europe for my job.
I travel a lot for my leisure in Asia (Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia..), America (US & Canada), Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa...) and also Europe (Scandinavia, North Europe and South).

In Wikipedia, I am a pretty Beginner and I worked in the French pages such as : Art du Champa, and antic monuments on the old times, Vietnam with mainly the kings of the first dynasties.
I completed or set up pages on the French scholars who worked a lot in Asia such as Henri Parmentier and his wife Jeanne Leuba (mainly in Cambodia Angkor and others...), Henri Marchal and many others from Ecole Française d'Extrême Orient.
I also worked on the pages of French scholars who achieved their discoveries abroad such as Alexandre Yersin for Yersinia Pestis (in Nha Trang, Vietnam), I also complete various others such as Kitasato.
I also worked on pages for Wildlife..
and some others that I don't remember right now..

I am here to help people to know better some of those fields if I may. And others that I don't remember right now..

Enjoy wiki!