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My dreamEdit

I have a dream. I dream that someday one can open a lightweight program and instantly see the all information known to human kind, or at least that available in Wikipedia and other projects. I dream that this occurs with little to no lag or down-time, that it pages are viewed millions of times daily, and that the clumsy interface we know today is gone.

I dream that there will be client programs, small and lightweight, that could be carried on disks, to see this info, and that only the least amount of data is sent to convey the information. The servers send only the wikitax requested, and that the client does all the parsing and displaying. The client may work much like today's browsers, except that they are smaller and more compact, and that there is no incompatibility between them.

I dream that a user may edit a page at will, that they could just click a word and correct a typo, without knowing wikitax or mark-up. I dream that anyone could access a page. That the client(s) would support any language, any locality.

Configuring ee.plEdit

Add this to ee.ini:

URL match=//
Username=(Your user name)
Password=(Your password)


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If anyone wants to help with the WikiText Transfer Protocol project, please tell me.