Skill requirements/ preferences


For Transcom

See also Comcom, since Transcom is its part, full membership means Comcom membembership as well.

  • Trusted
    • Known by other people well, at least on their home project (but not need to be a sysop, while it may be a good sign of commitment and knowledge)
    • Not loose mouth: hardly information being leaked from their mouth (due to Comcom characters)
  • Knowledgable
    • Minimum knowledge about editing MediaWiki as the current working place: may be changed later, if we are switching to another CMS
    • Knowledgeable about both translations and WMF organization
    • So foundation-l and translators-l subscription are must.
    • Understanding on multilingualism and translation in general.
    • Participantion in multilingual project (meta, commons, incubator ...) is a plus.
    • Experience as translator (if possible) is a plus.
    • Good relation of other volunteers, particularly of translators
  • Communication skills
    • Good English - for communications, not necessary oral
    • Multilingual competence is a great plus.
    • IRC, skype or any other online real communication availability is a plus for urgent need (very rare, once or twice in a year?)
  • Availability: we need actively committing hard labors, not wise advisory but seldom around, not people "if you need me, just mail me". They are still great helps but not the staff we are seeking for right now. Possible workload is 1 hour per month in a total in a idle time, 3-5 hours per week in a busy time. In a busiest time, the team as a whole is expected to be online 24/7 reachable (e.g. days around the Fundraising campaign starts).

For details of work, see Communications subcommittees/Trans/Todo