User:Anonymous Dissident/Solving problems/Listing of Identified Issues

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Wikimedia in general
  1. Vandalism
  2. Subtle Trolling
  3. Spamming. Blacklist
  4. Layers of bureaucracy can often act as a negative.
  5. Some speculate that the Board is losing touch.
  1. Lack of referencing, and therefore reliable content. Lack of reliability results in a negative reputation and a lower quality encyclopedia = fewer and fewer users.
  2. The traditional BLP issues.
  3. POV, destroys the central neutrality required in any good encyclopedia.
  4. Original Research, again linked with reliability.
  5. Massive community, several defective functions and processes of this vast community have been identified. On the English Wikipedia:
    1. w:en:RFA
    2. w:en:RFAR
    3. w:en:WT:RFA
    4. w:en:XfD
    5. w:en:CSD (constantly argued upon)
  6. w:en:Criticism of Wikipedia
  1. Over-shadowing by Wikipedia; the problem of Wikipedia stealing the limelight applies to many other projects (Wikispecies, Quote).