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Global blacklistsEdit

These are lists of various types of entities not allowed on any Wikimedia projects:

  • Spam blacklist - A list of website links that are not accepted by the software. This is most likely the page you are looking for.
  • Title blacklist - A list of page titles and usernames not allowed by the software. Local administrators are unaffected by this list.

Local blacklists & whitelistsEdit

While these specific pages only affect Meta, each project has its own version of this that administrators on that project may edit to customize site behavior.

Local blacklistsEdit

These are local-only versions of the above.

Local whitelistsEdit

Whitelists are specific exceptions to the above blacklists.

Other listsEdit

  • MediaWiki:Bad image list - A list of specific images and the pages that they may be used on. The first pagename will be the image, subsequent pages are the page exceptions.