Amisha Singla
Amisha Singla
Software engineer at Mapbox
A tech enthusiast who love all kind of its discussions.

About me

I belong from Gujarat, India and graduated with a degree in Information and communication Technology from DAIICT, India. I keep an immense interest in working with open data projects and FOSS community.

Currently I work as a software engineer at Mapbox, where I work closely with one of the biggest open data projects i.e. OpenStreetMap(OSM) and been actively involved with working with geospatial data and in building tools to sustain the good quality data in OSM and protect it from any kind of vandalism. I have recently started exploring data science and quite curious to approach the issue of vandalism in OSM using machine learning techniques.

My work

Involvement with wikidata

Mapbox as a company rely on wikidata knowledge for a lot of its projects. As a part of it, I started exploring tools and APIs developed by wikidata community and started using it in my work towards collaborating OSM and wikidata and also the data validation. I have built several tools using SPARQL queries(I am really a fan of which :)) supported by wikidata, pywikibot and different APIs.

Interest in open source

Prior to joining Mapbox, I interned with GNOME organization for their Maps application as a part of Outreachy program and also spent time debugging and playing couple of gnome games. I also like supporting newcomers to start off with contribution to FOSS.

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