Account not in useEdit

User:Am awfc is an alternative account of User:Obhf (previously undeclared) and now not to be used due to sockpuppetry concerns, including blocks at English Wikipedia
Obhf is where I'm discussing these accounts I've been using/setting up. There's a page called Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/MED0600, though MED0600 isn't more noteworthy than the other accounts; they're bundled under MED0600 instead of (unrelated) bromtomley, which isn't mine. If I can log back into LLCruncher, then maybe I'll request that that be marked as "parent" account, as it's the oldest.
Please note that these boxes are made by User:Am awfc (Obhf). They aren't proper templates placed by admins or anyone else. There's a discussion at User talk:Obhf on English Wikipedia.