IMPORTANT: Wikipedia has a real problem with politics. If you don't believe me, look at the talk pages for Hunter Biden in english and french. I do not have anything to suggest, but I think we should really do something. The french page was protected for some time to stop someone from removing far-right conspiracy theories from it! Also, I really would like the translating system in Wikipedia to be better, because now it it frankly easier to just not use it and create a page on your own. That would allow me to switch back to translating a subject I (most of the time) don't need specific techincal knowledge to understand, and therefore, translate correctly.

I edit some things from time to time. I do not know about most things I translate on MediaWiki, so please tell me if I understood something wrong.

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I am mostly on wikisource doing the transcription of Anna Karenina, and on MediaWiki where I help translate (slowly, but surely!) a diversity of things from english into french. (I am originally from the french wikipedia).

I like cats

I have around 7000 edits total. (7/6/2023)

If someone is reading this, do you know if I'm the only one translating from english to french on MediaWiki ? I feel like that's not plausible, but I don't think the numbers (of messages to translate) are going down.