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Outreachy Round 19 intern for project on Improvements and User Testing of Wiki Education Dashboard Android App


Full name: Glory Agatevure (@Agatevureglory)


Github: gconnect

IRC Nick: Agatevureglory on Freenode

Channels: #wikimedia-dev connect, #mediawiki connect, #wikimedia-dev-africa connect

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Project DescriptionEdit

The project aims to improve on the user experience of the Wikieducation Dashboard Android App:

  • Making UI improvements to the app
  • Migrating the the codebase from Model View Presenter (MVP) Architecture to ModelView ViewModel (MVVM) Architecture.
  • Adding Offline functionality on the app.
  • Fixing bugs.

Project task: [Wikieducation Dashboard Android].

Proposal: T235586.

Mentors: Ujjwal Agrawal | Sage Ross.

Bi-Weekly ReportsEdit

Project OutcomesEdit

S/N Task Status
1 Added Onboarding page to the app done
2 Changed the Detail Media Fragment Layout to Constraint Layout done
3 Designed a Mock-up for the onboarding done
4 Created a WelcomeHostActivity for the on-boarding done
5 Use Constraintlayout in wiki education dashboard fragment done
6 Use Constraintlayout in Outreach Programs and events dashboard fragment done
7 Fix -Overlapping Views done
8 Changed Upload and Activity View positions done
9 Changed Fragment Recent Activity to ConstraintLayout done
10 Removed Unnecaessary Constraints from Fragment Explore done
11 Changed item_rv_student layout to ConstaintLayout done
12 Changed item_rv_my_dashboard to ConstaintLayout done
13 Changed item_rv_media_category to ConstraintLayout done
14 Changed item_rv_files to ConstraintLayout done
15 Changed item_rv_expore_courses_users to ConstraintLayout done
16 Changed item-rv_explore courses to ConstraintLayout done
17 Changed item_rv_course upload to ConstraintLayout done
18 Changed item_rv_campaign_list to ConstraintLayout done
19 Changed include_layout_explore_courses to ConstraintLayout done
20 Changed item_include_files_media to ConstraintLayout done
21 Changed fragment_image_viewer to ConstraintLayout done
22 Changed fragment_profle_stat to ConstarintLayout done
23 Local Database setup with Room Persistent Library done
24 Setup local database done
25 Manage gradle dependencies with kotlin buildSrc done
26 Campaign List Page offline feature and MVVM Migration done
27 Course List page offline feature and MVVM migration done
28 My dashboard MVVM migration done
29 Course details Home tab MVVM migration done
31 Course details Student tab MVVM migration done
32 Course details Article tab MVVM migration done
33 Course details Uploads tab MVVM migration done
34 Course details Activity tab MVVM migration done
35 Seperate Koin modules done
36 Media details page MVVM migration done
37 CampaignList details page mockup done
38 CampaignList, CourseList and dashboard refactor done
39 Profile Page MVVM migration done
40 Campaign details course tab implementation done
41 Campaign details Articles tab implementation done
42 Campaign details Student tab implementation done
43 Camapign details home tab implementation API Work in Progress