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Quickstart: My currently assigned tasks

Quarterly Edit

April - June 2023
  • Established the Technical Documentation Team as part of the reorganization of the Product and Technology departments[1], and participated in the annual planning process
  • Created documentation strategy and API docs for AQS 2.0 services[2][3] and RESTBase deprecation[4]
  • Implemented structural changes in the API Portal to support multiple APIs[5]
  • Created documentation and tools to support API documentation[6]
  • Researched documentation types and templates, and published a decision record template[7]
  • Hosted 6 sessions of documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session
January - March 2023
  • Published new API Portal information architecture to Phabricator, and advocated for its adoption[8]
  • Administered the API Portal, including adding an API, responding to feedback, reviewing 5 patches, and submitting 2 patches.
  • Started adding API docs guidance to the Documentation pages on[9]
  • Improved docs and docs workflows for AQS 2.0 [10]
  • Supported the Developer Portal, including reviewing patches, submitting patches, and setting up pageview statistics
  • Published v2 of the development policy governance proposal and requested feedback from stakeholders[11]
  • Hosted 7 sessions of documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session
  • Prototyped a training and set of tools for writing for multilingual communication, and started sharing for feedback[12]
October - December 2022
  • Designed a new information architecture for the API Portal, aligned with the overall strategy for the API Platform, and started prototyping.
  • Created a proposal for governing development policies, and shared it with 12 stakeholders.
  • Designed and implemented a new information architecture for the Architecture Repository.[13]
  • Provided editing support for system architecture documents.
  • Helped facilitate a "documentathon" with WMF Data Engineering, Analytics, and Research.
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging one person per session.
July - September 2022
  • Completed initial research into writing for multilingual communication, including case studies, tool evaluation, and recommendations for user tests.[14]
  • Researched, implemented, and documented an API documentation toolchain for AQS 2.0[15]
  • Onboarded a new API Platform product manager and designed a new information architecture for the API Portal
  • Provided editing support for system architecture artifacts[16]
  • Worked with the Architecture Team to plan a refresh of the Architecture Repository[17]
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
April - June 2022
  • Launched the Developer Portal two weeks ahead of deadline with 100% translation in three languages other than English[18]
  • Created 39 patches for the Developer Portal, adding 5,820 lines and removing 3,547 lines[19]
  • Reviewed 28 patches for the Developer Portal[20]
  • Conducted 5 user tests and assisted with note-taking on 4 other user tests using a diverse pool of participants in partnership with Design Research[21]
  • Published first version of documentation patterns and toolkit based on review process used during the KR1 project[22][23]
  • Attending the (virtual) Write the Docs conference[24]
  • Participated in the CommTech and Wikimedia hackathons
  • Conducted two interviews to support hiring a new tech writer, and assisted with onboarding
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
January - March 2022
  • Created and merged 16 patches for the Dev Portal, adding 861 lines and removing 930 lines, including content, structure, design, macros, and templates[25]
  • Reviewed 16 patches, mostly for the Dev Portal[26]
  • Graded 9 candidate writing samples to support hiring two tech writing positions
  • Implemented a lightweight work tracking process for the Architecture Team[27]
  • Acted as advisor for Project Pralekhan[28]
  • Continued to support the API Portal and API Platform team
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
October - December 2021
  • Iterated on Developer Portal design and content strategy, evolving the project from v1 to v4
  • Facilitated an evaluation and consensus-based decision making process to select the tech stack for the Developer Portal[29] and get a demo up on Toolforge[30]
  • Operationalized the key docs review process, completing three key doc updates and leading the team to complete 100% of their target
  • Onboarded new tech writer to make valuable contributions to KR1 The Docs project in three weeks
  • Created content for two MVP versions of the API catalog, including drafting documentation for the Backstage API catalog[31][32][33]
  • Contributed to architecture domain modeling and executive overview presentation
  • Acted as grant advisor for Project Pralekhan
  • Completed my targeted 10 hours of professional development time
  • Produced a proposal for a centralized tech docs team at WMF
  • Edited docs and marketing content for Wikimedia Enterprise launch
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging two people per session
July - September 2021
  • Created an information architecture and initial design for the Developer Portal, taking the project from v0 to v1
  • Developed a set of user personas[34] and a live, Vue-based prototype[35] to enable user testing for the Developer Portal
  • Created a standardization process for key docs linked to from the Developer Portal[36][37]
  • Redefined the scope of the API Portal and facilitated knowledge sharing to spin up the new API Platform team
  • Helped build the practice of user-centered writing and user testing in the Architecture team
  • Attended virtual Wikimania and API Specifications conferences
  • Participated in the hiring panel for a technical writer position at WMF
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging three people per session
April - June 2021
  • 168 edits to[38]
  • Virtual All Hands!
  • Virtual Write the Docs and editathon!
  • Virtual Hackathon!
  • Facilitated the creation of the knowledge store data model, a key component of the target architecture[39][40][41]
  • Made usability improvements to the Architecture Repository[42][43]
  • Continued support for the API Portal, including content updates, user support, product management support, bug reporting, and onboarding a new docs contributor[44][45]
  • Effectively socialized my API docs proposal and was successful in getting that work scheduled for next quarter
  • Helped write a documentation-related org-level KR for documentation for next quarter and started project management support for it[46]
  • Held twice-monthly documentation office hours within WMF, averaging 1 person per session
  • Participated in a complete hiring process, from drafting interview questions to onboarding
  • Experimented with VuePress and automated testing for documentation[47][48][49]
January - March 2021


  • 264 edits to [50]
  • 8 patches merged (XS and S, five different codebases including mediawiki-config and Extension:OAuth) [51]
  • 1 patch reviewed and +2ed [52]

API Portal

  • Resolved last remaining bugs, passed all end-to-end tests, and officially completed the MVP
  • 20 tasks opened[53]
  • 29 tasks closed[54]
  • Closed 10 tasks assigned to me[55]
  • Handed off product management of the API Portal[56]
  • Created a proposal for API Portal reference docs[57]
  • Created workflow process for components[58]
  • Reviewed all edits and responded to all talk page posts
  • Added docs for two new endpoints[59]


  • Contributed to Phoenix UI and docs[60]
  • Created Architecture Repository on[61]
  • Created communications process for the team[62]
October - December 2020


  • 44 edits to [63]
  • 7 patches merged (3 XS, 2 S, 2 M) [64]
  • 22 patches reviewed [65]
  • 15 patches +2’d

API Portal

  • Opened 52 tasks [66]
  • Closed 64 tasks [67]
  • Closed 26 tasks assigned to me [68]
  • Completed private launch and soft launch
  • Conducted 9 user tests
  • Continued to maintain sprint logs and project plan


  • Completed co-mentorship for Google Season of Docs
  • Co-hosted a Friends of the Docs meetup
July - September 2020


  • 250 edits to[69]
  • 13 patches merged (1 L, 2 S, rest XS)[70]
  • 14 patches reviewed[71]
  • 2 patches +2’d
  • 3 TechCom meetings facilitated
  • Attended the API Specifications Conference[72]


  • Started building out architecture docs on[73]

User research and outreach

  • Hosted Wikimedia session at Write the Docs “Portland” writing day[74]
  • Hosted two meetings of Wikimedia Friends of the Docs[75]
  • Acted as co-mentor and co-administrator for Google Season of Docs[76]

API Portal

  • Opened 83 tasks[77]
  • Closed 60 tasks[78]
  • Closed 26 tasks assigned to me[79]
  • Completed design validation for skin[80]
  • Completed acceptance testing for extension[81]
  • Sent two project digests[82]
  • Maintained a list of tasks across team members for five, two-week sprints, including which tasks were closed during each sprint[83]
  • Developed style for reference docs[84]
April - June 2020


  • 488 edits to (including sandbox pages)
  • 4 patches merged (2 XS, 1 S, and 1 XL)
  • 8 patches reviewed
  • First +2 (MediaWiki Core docs)
  • Found my first bug
  • Facilitation for 6 TechCom meetings
  • Guest on Between the Brackets podcast


  • Joined the Wikimedia Foundation Architecture Team
  • Information design for architecture maturity model on[85]
  • Supported planning for architecture documentation strategy

User research and outreach

  • Rough version of a documentation metrics dashboard[86]
  • Data analysis for "Was this documentation helpful?" gadget[87]
  • Presented to the first meeting of Wikimedia Friends of the Docs[88]
  • Mentor and co-administrator for Google Season of Docs[89]
  • Launched weekly documentation office hours to support Foundation teams (12 sessions starting April 14)

Development of docs for the MediaWiki REST API

  • Published docs for 11 endpoints (100% of endpoints in v1)[90]
  • Tested and published 45 code samples (100% of endpoints have code samples in curl, PHP, Python, and JavaScript)
  • Conducted three usability tests
  • Improved maintainability by reducing content length by 56% [91]
  • Published two tutorials[92][93]

Documentation support for new hooks system

  • Edited doc comments for 446 hooks[94]
  • Managed doc updates for new system[95]
  • Updated MediaWikiHook template for new system[96]
  • Doxygen config updates to support hook docs[97]

API Portal

  • Completed design approval process with WMF design team
  • UI and UX development[98]
  • Took on role of product owner
  • Managed the project plan, workflows, and content strategy[99]
  • 13 check-ins with HalloWelt
  • Opened 25 tasks (Closed 8)[100]
  • Demoed the prototype at CPT demo meeting
  • Created the API Gateway stakeholders Google Group and sent two API Portal project digests[101]
January - March 2020
  • Completed collaboration with contract designer, Liz, on Developer Portal design
  • Started hooks doc comment review project
  • Drafted the documentation plan for the API Gateway
  • Forked the Developer Portal prototype to create the API Gateway prototype
  • Tech docs offsite
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Evaluated two tools for automated API documentation
  • Wrote four MediaWiki REST API examples as Jupyter Notebooks
  • Participated in the Onboarding Working Group
  • Documented 8 new endpoints of the MediaWiki REST API
  • Attended Wikimedia All Hands
  • Researched improvements to the OAuth docs
October - December 2019
  • Refreshed onboarding docs for Wikimedia Engineering and CPT
  • Developed content strategy for Developer Portal project and worked with designer to implement UI/UX
  • Published docs for MediaWiki API integration tests
  • Developed docs for MediaWiki Core REST API history endpoints and extension interface
  • Mentor for Google Code-In
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • CPT remote offsite
August - September 2019
  • Onboarding
  • Developed docs for MediaWiki API integration tests
  • Minor fixes for MediaWiki Doxygen docs
  • Drafted user personas for documentation

Weekly Edit

2023-2024 Q1

Week 1: 2023-07-03 Edit

  • Out of office on Monday and Tuesday
  • Shared team practices work with the team for feedback and published processes to Office Wiki
  • Facilitated team discussion about the top-level collection map

Week 2: 2023-07-10 Edit

  • Kicked off project to update project pages, and started content audit
  • Completed definition of team lead responsibilities
  • Project management, code review, and feedback

Week 3: 2023-07-17 Edit

  • Code review for AQS 2.0 docs patches
  • Created team interface pages on office wiki
  • Attended management meetings, and drafted hypothesis for team contributions to the annual plan

Week 4: 2023-07-24 Edit

  • Completed ongoing maintenance tasks process for team practices project
  • Updated decision record template with two versions, and conducted a user test
  • Provided feedback on the frontend stable interface policy

Week 5: 2023-07-31 Edit

  • Code review for AQS 2.0 and MediaWiki patches
  • Completed content audit for project pages

Week 6: 2023-08-07 Edit

Week 7: 2023-08-14 Edit

  • Completed the scope and project plan for the project pages update
2022-2023 Q4

Week 1: 2023-04-03 Edit

  • Worked on training and writeup for writing for multilingual communication
  • Contributed to organizational planning and updates

Week 2: 2023-04-10 Edit

Week 3: 2023-04-17 Edit

  • Participated in hypotheses crafting for the annual planning processes
  • Drafted and shared suggested edits to the Terms of Use update

Week 4: 2023-04-25 Edit

  • Updated API docs for Device Analytics
  • Added to tool documentation on mw:Documentation/API_documentation
  • Updated Language_guides with links to more language guides
  • Received news that we'll be forming a Wikimedia Foundation Technical Documentation Team

Week 5: 2023-05-01 Edit

  • Participated in hypothesis week for annual planning
  • Provided editing support for architecture artifacts and metrics platform documentation
  • Updated code samples in response to Pythons requests issue

Week 6: 2023-05-08 Edit

  • Worked on training and writeup for writing for plain language
  • Created AQS documentation plan to fit project plan

Week 7: 2023-05-15 Edit

  • Reviewed and updated metrics API docs in RESTBase[104]
  • Implemented version control system for API spec reader[105]

Week 8: 2023-05-22 Edit

  • Documented page analytics API[106]
  • Wrote a decision record for the API spec reader[107]

Week 9: 2023-05-29 Edit

  • Worked on API documentation tooling issues for AQS 2.0 services
  • Worked on API Portal strategy and management

Week 10: 2023-06-05 Edit

  • Worked on setup and practices for the Tech Docs Team
  • Created a plan for deprecating Architecture Team docs on wiki[108]

Week 11: 2023-06-12 Edit

  • Updated API Portal structure and content to support multiple APIs
  • Created a decision record template and shared for feedback[109]
  • Completed deprecating Architecture Team docs on wiki

Week 12: 2023-06-19 Edit

  • Code review and patch updates for AQS 2.0 API documentation
  • Created plan for API docs for RESTBase deprecation project[110]
  • Worked on team practices

Week 13: 2023-06-26 Edit

2022-2023 Q3

Week 1: 2023-01-03 Edit

  • Completed quarter-in-review materials for Q2
  • Researched coverage of skins in MediaWiki developer docs[111]

Week 2: 2023-01-09 Edit

  • Completed updates based on research into coverage of skins in MediaWiki developer docs
  • Researched accessibility and translation issues relating to writing for multilingual communication

Week 3: 2023-01-17 Edit

  • Completed API Portal content map[112]
  • Updated the API Portal docs on Wikitech, reviewed an API Portal patch, and opened a patch to resolve a build failure

Week 4: 2023-01-23 Edit

  • Created a strategy document for technical documentation work for next fiscal year
  • Analyzed efficacy of translated text from the Universal Code of Conduct project

Week 5: 2023-01-30 Edit

  • Published high-level docs content map[113]
  • Published new API Portal content strategy to Phabricator[114]

Week 6: 2023-02-06 Edit

  • Submitted patch to resolve API Portal issue[115]
  • Out of office

Week 7: 2023-02-13 Edit

  • Requested approval for the new API Portal content strategy[116]
  • Created user journey flow diagrams for the API Portal[117]
  • Published an example of an API page[118]

Week 8: 2023-02-20 Edit

  • Created a tool in Toolforge to view OpenAPI specs with RapiDoc[119]
  • Participated in the API value stream demo presentation and tech department meeting

Week 9: 2023-02-27 Edit

  • Drafted content for Documentation/API documentation page on
  • Processed a request to add docs to the API Portal
  • Drafted content for v2 of the development policy governance proposal

Week 10: 2023-03-06 Edit

  • Opened a patch to add pageview statistic to the Developer Portal[120]
  • Onboarded Lift Wing team as contributors to the API Portal
  • Organized docs tasks for AQS 2.0 on wiki and opened a patch for automating the docs build[121]

Week 11: 2023-03-13 Edit

  • Published the first version of Documentation/API documentation[122]
  • Set up local API Portal development environment and reviewed a patch[123]
  • Published v2 of the development policy governance proposal[124]

Week 12: 2023-03-20 Edit

  • Published notes on writing related to accessibility[125]
  • Conducted a content audit of wiki pages related to writing for multilingual communication[126]
  • Provided edits and feedback for the Lift Wing docs in the API Portal

Week 13: 2023-03-26 Edit

  • Requested feedback from stakeholders (via Phabricator, email, and on wiki) on the updated proposal for managing development policies
  • Collaborated with Device Analytics developers on a strategy for generating and deploying API docs. Merged make docs command into the codebase. Reached consensus on an approach for deploying API specs[127]
  • Created and shared prototypes for writing for multilingual communication[128]
2022-2023 Q2

1-2 main areas of focus per week

Week 1: 2022-10-03 Edit

  • Worked with the AQS 2.0 team to demo and discuss API docs tooling.
  • Published Q1 updates to the wiki page for Writing for Multilingual Communication.[129]

Week 2: 2022-10-11 Edit

  • Worked on proposal for development policy governance.
  • Planned for documentation editathon with WMF Data Engineering.

Week 3: 2022-10-17 Edit

  • Completed initial proposal for development policy governance, and shared with a small group for feedback.
  • Reviewed proposal for Pywikibot content improvements.

Week 4: 2022-10-24 Edit

  • Incorporated feedback on the proposal for development policy governance, and shared for additional feedback.
  • Provided editing support for system architecture analysis document.

Week 5: 2022-10-31 Edit

  • Started notes on a new information architecture for the API Portal.
  • Helped facilitate a documentation editathon with Data Engineering.

Week 6: 2022-11-07 Edit

  • Completed initial information architecture for the API Portal, and discussed with Product Manager.
  • Provided editing support for system architecture analysis document.

Week 7: 2022-11-14 Edit

  • Created a condensed version of WMF Architecture's process document.
  • Planned interview questions for Staff Architect position, and started interviews.

Week 8: 2022-11-21 Edit

  • Designed and prototyped a refresh of the Architecture Repository, and shared with the team for feedback.
  • Reviewed introduction to Wikimedia technical ecosystem document.

Week 9: 2022-11-28 Edit

  • Completed interviews for Staff Architect position.
  • Drafted list of tech docs stakeholders for WMF Engineering Enablement strategy process.

Week 10: 2022-12-05 Edit

  • Started a content map for the API Portal and prototypes of an API page and an API design doc template.
  • Reached consensus with the AQS 2.0 team to formally adopt the API docs tooling we've been evaluating. Opened a patch to resolve issues with the Unique Devices API docs.[130]

Week 11: 2022-12-12 Edit

  • Completed the refresh of the Architecture Repository, including creating, moving, and updating content.
  • Participated in an API Platform strategy discussion, and worked on the API Portal content map.

Week 12: 2022-12-19 Edit

  • Provided editing support for system architecture documents.
  • Reviewed MediaWiki core concepts document.
2022-2023 Q1

Note: I've made these lists more concise, focusing on progress made in main areas of work.

Week 1: 2022-07-18 Edit

  • Caught up on email and meetings after returning from vacation
  • Reviewed Dev Portal patch to fix Twitter cards[131]
  • Started research on writing for multilingual communication

Week 2: 2022-07-25 Edit

  • Worked on decision record for development policy governance[132]
  • Provided editing support for architecture system analysis

Week 3: 2022-08-01 Edit

  • Provided editing support for architecture system analysis[133]
  • Started research into decision record pattern

Week 4: 2022-08-08 Edit

  • Met with new API product manager and worked on new API portal content strategy
  • Worked on case studies for writing for multilingual communication

Week 5: 2022-08-15 Edit

  • Audited current content in the Architecture Repository and discussed next steps with the team
  • Provided editing support for architecture team proposal document
  • Celebrating my three-year anniversary of working at WMF

Week 6: 2022-08-22 Edit

  • Worked on API Platform knowledge transfer for new product manager
  • Started research on AQS 2.0 docs
  • Worked on content refresh for the Architecture Repository
  • Worked on decision record pattern
  • Reviewed slides from US Federal Plain Language Summit[134]

Week 7: 2022-08-29 Edit

  • Worked on AQS 2.0 docs research and wrote a script to scrape endpoints from AQS source code [135]
  • Reviewed API platform project docs

Week 8: 2022-09-06 Edit

  • Worked on case studies for writing for multilingual communication
  • Worked on AQS 2.0 documentation
  • Started participated in WMF Core Skills Program

Week 9: 2022-09-12 Edit

  • Worked on implementation of Swag and RapiDoc for AQS 2.0

Week 10: 2022-09-19 Edit

  • Completed initial implementation of Swag and RapiDoc for AQS 2.0 [136][137]
  • Completed proposal for Architecture Repository refresh[138]

Week 11: 2022-09-26 Edit

  • Started end-of-quarter retrospective notes
  • Reviewed Dev Portal patch[139]
  • Wrote up findings from research into writing for multilingual communication
2021-2022 Q4

Week 13: 2022-06-27 Edit

  • Published Q4 log to history page
  • Reviewed two patches for the Dev Portal
  • Wrote ITC responses for Q4
  • Reviewed product development playbook
  • Participated in Dev Portal retrospective
  • Out of office on Friday

Week 12: 2022-06-20 Edit

  • Holiday on Monday, out sick on Thursday
  • Prepared retrospective agenda, exercise board, and project timeline for KR1
  • Reviewed and updated patch for adding meta tags to Dev Portal, created a graphic to use in meta cards
  • Created slides for Dev Portal presentation at tech department meeting

Week 11: 2022-06-13 Edit

Week 10: 2022-06-06 Edit

Week 9: 2022-05-31 Edit

  • Held last KR1 sync meeting before launch, scheduled retro for the end of the month
  • Wrapped up final changes for the Dev Portal
  • Wrote up a starting doc for tech writers for next fiscal year
  • Completed a key doc review
  • Started work on productionizing the review template

Week 8: 2022-05-23 Edit

  • Attended (virtual) Write the Docs conference [140]
  • Reviewed patches to support final stages of Dev Portal translation integration
  • Added content strategy Dev Portal docs on and organized pages [141]

Week 7: 2022-05-16 Edit

  • Fixed a typo in the footer of the API Portal and updated the docs [142]
  • Worked on key doc reviews to support KR1
  • Documented, reviewed, and updated styles in the Dev Portal [143]
  • Participated in the Wikimedia Hackathon, and presented ToolDocs (with live demo!) in the showcase

Week 6: 2022-05-09 Edit

  • Finished preparing the Dev Portal for translation
  • Participated in CommTech hackathon project to create Read the Docs for Toolforge [144][145]
  • Started on remaining Dev Portal tasks to do before launch

Week 5: 2022-05-02 Edit

  • Analyzed Dev Portal user testing feedback and scoped changes to implement in the short term and long term [146]
  • Started implementing changes based on user testing feedback
  • Facilitated KR1 check-in meeting
  • Met with design research about user testing feedback analysis

Week 4: 2022-04-25 Edit

Week 3: 2022-04-18 Edit

Week 2: 2022-04-11 Edit

Week 1: 2022-04-04 Edit

2021-2022 Q3

Week 13: 2022-03-28 Edit

  • Held documentation office hours
  • Submitted patch for update to Dev Portal content reuse journey and responded to review feedback
  • Discussed next steps on Architecture Repository
  • Copy editing for Wikifunctions
  • Worked on patch for update to Dev Portal contribute journey
  • Planned OKRs for KR1 for Q4
  • Added to the troubleshooting section of the Dev Portal docs on Wikitech
  • Co-hosted Wikipedia editing party

Week 12: 2022-03-21 Edit

  • Attended API platform strategy presentations
  • Started to capture my FAQ about working with translation markup
  • Brainstormed questions for tech writer hiring
  • Prepped and held sync meeting for KR1 the docs
  • Graded several candidate writing samples
  • Met up with Tricia for in-person coworking
  • Worked on content reuse journey for Dev Portal

Week 11: 2022-03-13 Edit

Week 10: 2022-03-07 Edit

Week 9: 2022-02-28 Edit

Week 8: 2022-02-22 Edit

Week 7: 2022-02-14 Edit

Week 6: 2022-02-07 Edit

  • Continued work on reviewing “Build a tool” user journey for developer portal
  • Check-in meeting with Project Pralekhan
  • Prototyped a change that allows the Dev Portal to render content on a per-document basis
  • Attended API platform code jam, design jam, and backlog grooming
  • Continued to maintain work management process and artifacts for Architecture Team
  • Reviewed quarter-in-review deck and topics for community of practice meetups with Architecture Team
  • Prepped for and attended KR1 the docs sync meeting

Week 5: 2022-02-02 Edit

Week 4: 2022-01-24 Edit

  • Checked in with Jay on Project Pralekhan grant and followed up with grant admins on approving midpoint report
  • Prepped agenda for and attended KR1 the docs sync meeting
  • Attended API platform code jam sessions
  • Worked on reviewing “Build a tool” user journey for developer portal
  • Attended design research office hours to inform work on dev portal user research
  • Started work on getting all sandboxes to work in the API catalog and opened
  • Updated the tech docs team pitch desk with new team structure proposal

Week 3: 2022-01-17 Edit

Week 2: 2022-01-10 Edit

Week 1: 2022-01-03 Edit

2021-2022 Q2

Q2 Week 12: 2021-12-20 Edit

  • Co-hosted documentation office hours
  • Completed review of development guidelines landing page
  • Reviewed developer portal patches
  • Updated API catalog merge request
  • Out half day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Collected feedback on Architecture overview presentation

Q2 Week 11: 2021-12-13 Edit

  • Submitted PR to add APIs to the Backstage API catalog and responded to review comments
  • Started review and updates to Dev Guidelines landing page
  • Prepped agenda for and led KR1: The Docs check-in meeting
  • Led meeting to define KR1 OKRs for Q3
  • Worked on Architecture execute overview presentation

Q2 Week 10: 2021-12-06 Edit

  • Updated to try and get it resolved
  • Attended domain modeling exercise with product and tech execs
  • Started review of development guidelines landing page and decision record for process update
  • Added myself to Gerrit/Reviewers
  • Did my first review and +2 for the new developer portal repo in Gerrit
  • Responded to comments on the dev portal v4 doc
  • Participated in architecture team planning
  • Held regular sync with Jay for Project Pralekhan
  • Groomed tasks for API Portal UI improvements
  • Helped run KR1 the doc design jam
  • Started work on adding APIs to the Backstage API catalog

Q2 Week 9: 2021-11-29 Edit

Q2 Week 8: 2021-11-22 Edit

  • Cleared out 600+ emails in my inbox :)
  • Worked on request form for Tech Docs Team
  • Worked on updating technical decision forum docs
  • Out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Q2 Week 7: 2021-11-15 Edit

Q2 Week 6: 2021-11-08 Edit

Q2 Week 5: 2021-11-01 Edit

Q2 Week 4: 2021-10-25 Edit

  • Built out multi-page version of the Developer Portal
  • Worked on Enterprise docs strategy and shared with MWE PM
  • Ran design jam to review multi-page version of Dev Portal
  • Created a wikitext version of the API catalog
  • Started working on my professional development hours for this quarter
  • Presented docs team proposal to eng VP
  • Participated in architecture team planning
  • Participated in API platform design jam

Q2 Week 3: 2021-10-18 Edit

  • Attended knowledge sharing session about OpenAPI with RESTBase developers
  • Provided feedback on data model for Developer Portal
  • Ran KR1: The docs check-in meeting
  • Created a multi-page version of the Developer Portal draft
  • Opened tasks for all key docs to be reviewed
  • Attended API Platform design jam
  • Worked on the architecture team glossary
  • Conducted a user test of the Developer Portal
  • Worked on review of cloud services introduction
  • Created a proposal for a technical documentation team at WMF

Q2 Week 2: 2021-10-11 Edit

  • Assisted handoff of Developer Portal user testing from design research to content team
  • Co-hosted documentation office hours
  • Finalized edits for Wikimedia Enterprise documentation and copy
  • Added a list of key landing pages to the DevPortal page on [147]
  • Participated in architecture team planning and DDD coaching
  • Got promoted to staff technical writer!
  • Completed a review of key doc for cloud services
  • Iterated on doc review process
  • Added a column for collections on the key docs spreadsheet

Q2 Week 1: 2021-10-04 Edit

  • Set up work tracking spreadsheet for Q2
  • Filled out retrospective on percentages of time dedicated to specific projects in Q1
  • Met with developer experience product management to clarify design research scope for developer portal
  • Hosted Q2 kickoff meeting for “KR1: The docs” team
  • Onboarded new technical writer onto “KR1: The docs” and Wikimedia docs in general
  • Reviewed and made a few corrections to updated pages
  • Collected feedback on key docs and dev portal work
  • Wrote my ITC and published my logs for the quarter
  • Updated the key docs review template
  • Worked on Wikimedia Enterprise documentation edits and strategy
2021-2022 Q1

Q1 Week 13: 2021-09-27 Edit

Q1 Week 12: 2021-09-20 Edit

Q1 Week 11: 2021-09-13 Edit

Q1 Week 10: 2021-09-06 Edit

Q1 Week 9: 2021-08-30 Edit

Q1 Week 8: 2021-08-23 Edit

  • Completed work on user scenario exercises for the Developer Portal
  • Worked on overview template prototype
  • Participated in architecture team backlog grooming
  • Project management for KR1 the docs
  • Interviewed a candidate for the tech writing position
  • Collaborated with Andre on the technical investigation for the Developer Portal
  • Worked on the new content strategy for the API Portal and commented with initial stub on T289183
  • Shared vision for “wikidata for docs” at the API Platform design jam
  • Collaborated on architecture narratives and patterns
  • Opened

Q1 Week 7: 2021-08-16 Edit

  • Edited Architecture/Product strategy narratives doc
  • Paired on replicating API Portal bug
  • Reviewed OAuth diagram
  • Worked on accuracy criteria for technical topic overviews
  • Created collage of navigation elements used on technical topic overviews
  • Held documentation office hours
  • Interviewed two candidates for the technical writer position
  • Conducted a user research session for the architecture repository
  • Participated in an API Platform design jam, commented on T288126, and opened T289183
  • Participated in architecture team sprint rituals
  • Worked on new API Portal scope and strategy
  • Supported knowledge sharing on the API Platform team
  • Experimented with Avrodoc
  • Conducted a user scenario exercise for the Developer Portal
  • Created a mockup for an overview template

Q1 Week 6: 2021-08-09 Edit

Q1 Week 5: 2021-08-02 Edit

Out of office

Q1 Week 4: 2021-07-26 Edit

  • Out of office Thursday-Friday
  • Registered for API Specifications conference and submitted expense report
  • Met with Andre to collaborate on the Dev Portal
  • Edited draft of architecture narratives
  • Attended two API Platform team kickoff meetings
  • Commented on to try to move things forward
  • Opened for the MediaWiki API integration testing library
  • Attended sprint planning for architecture team
  • Signed up for the Wikimania hackathon
  • Opened for the Developer Portal
  • Worked on content types for Key Docs Updates
  • Led sync meeting for KR1 the docs
  • Collaborated on dev portal content strategy
  • Completed anti-harassment training
  • Did my Q4 ITC
  • Provided feedback on user personas for the Dev Portal
  • Attended security training
  • Attended ERC results session

Q1 Week 3: 2021-07-19 Edit

  • Deployed dev portal content prototype to GitHub pages with automated script and basic instructions
  • Set up Sarah R as a contributor to the Dev Portal draft
  • Participated in four days of architecture team offsite
  • Finished initial mapping of content types for key docs
  • Project management for KR1 the docs, including updating OKRs in Betterworks

Q1 Week 2: 2021-07-12 Edit

  • Migrated to Libera Chat from Freenode
  • Registered for Wikimania 2021
  • Ran check-in meeting for KR1 team
  • Held a sync meeting for dev portal content strategy and key docs accuracy criteria
  • Planned architecture team offsite for next week
  • Prepared sessions to lead the the architecture team offsite next week
  • Worked on key docs content types
  • Spun up a dev portal content prototype
  • Attended DDD workshop with architecture team
  • Attended Phoenix books demo with architecture team
  • Attended All Staff and Tech All meetings
  • Attended kickoff for hiring new tech writer

Q1 Week 1: 2021-07-05 Edit

Out of office

2020-2021 Q4

Q4 Week 13: 2021-06-28 Edit

  • Created a tracking spreadsheet for key docs
  • Opened T285814, T286082, T286085, T286086, T286087
  • Resolved T285336
  • Prepped agenda for KR1 the docs meeting in two weeks
  • Helped onboard new team member to the Architecture team
  • Attended Effective and Responsible Communication working group sessions
  • Published Q4 history on Meta
  • Updated OKRs in Betterworks

Q4 Week 12: 2021-06-21 Edit

  • Left comments on Okapi schema doc
  • Ran first regular KR1 the docs sync meeting
  • Opened T285336
  • Finished work on Okapi data model schema

Q4 Week 11: 2021-06-14 Edit

  • Out of office on Friday
  • WMF All Hands Tuesday - Thursday
  • Worked on data model schema

Q4 Week 10: 2021-06-07 Edit

  • Replied to email from grantee Jay for new documentation grant
  • Participated in sprint planning and backlog grooming
  • Watched All Hands and Tech All videos from last week
  • Kicked off Dev Portal and Key Docs Updates projects with Developer Advocacy
  • Consulted the Technical Decision Chairs about update process for development policies
  • Planned team offsite
  • Co-hosted documentation office hours
  • Worked on adding properties to the knowledge store data model based on feedback from Okapi team
  • Tested and closed and
  • Opened
  • Fixed typo on JavaScript examples in API Portal as followup to
  • Reached inbox-zero after returning from vacation
  • Reviewed patches to add jsdoc to the api-testing repo, opened a task to document the process
  • Collected onboarding documentation for Dana

Q4 Week 9: 2021-05-31 Edit

  • Out of office

Q4 Week 8: 2021-05-24 Edit

Q4 Week 7: 2021-05-17 Edit

Q4 Week 6: 2021-05-10 Edit

Q4 Week 5: 2021-05-03 Edit

Q4 Week 4: 2021-04-26 Edit

Q4 Week 3: 2021-04-19 Edit

Q4 Week 2: 2021-04-12 Edit

Q4 Week 1: 2021-04-05 Edit

2020-2021 Q3

Q3 Week 13: 2021-03-29 Edit

Q3 Week 12: 2021-03-22 Edit

Q3 Week 11: 2021-03-15 Edit

Q3 Week 10: 2021-03-08 Edit

Q3 Week 9: 2021-03-01 Edit

Q3 Week 8: 2021-02-22 Edit

Q3 Week 7: 2021-02-15 Edit

Q3 Week 6: 2021-02-08 Edit

  • Attended API strategy meeting to kickoff product management handover of the API Portal
  • A volunteer made a minor-but-still-awesome edit to the API Portal :happy-tears:
  • Reviewed change to maturity model page on and made a small continuity update
  • Reviewed doc planning wishlist with Wikimedia Dev Advocacy
  • Set up review of API Platform announcements with new management
  • Patch author scheduled 649942 for deployment, yay! Noting for future reference: this was three weeks from nudge to response, which seems pretty fair.
  • Following the deployment of T272665, completed final tests and resolved T268257, signifying the true completion of the API Portal MVP! And the end of the project management work.
  • Tried to deal with syntax highlighting bug, opened, which was resolved almost immediately
  • Worked on intro text for structured content prototype and experimented with Vuetify

Q3 Week 5: 2021-02-01 Edit

  • Opened 661167 to resolve config change requested in T270178. Researched process for getting beta config changes deployed. Turns out that even beta-only config changes should follow the deploy process so there are no undeployed commits waiting for the next person
  • Worked on API Portal blog post and public announcements
  • Worked on architecture repository planning and modeling
  • Brainstormed outline for Phoenix demo
  • Worked on homepage content for API Portal
  • Tracked deployment schedule for API Portal bug fixes as part of the latest MediaWiki version
  • Opened 661146 to resolve issue with API Portal extension version
  • Synced with Eng Mgmt about the future of the API Portal

Q3 Week 4: 2021-01-25 Edit

  • 657925 reviewed and merged
  • Reviewed 658585
  • Held two-day tech docs offsite with Sarah R.
  • 657898 reviewed, merged, and verified
  • Opened T273326
  • OKR planning for architecture team
  • API Portal project management
  • Updated API Portal internal docs

Q3 Week 3: 2021-01-19 Edit

  • Holiday on Monday
  • Granted editing permissions to a community member on the API Portal
  • Created and uploaded
  • Worked on API Portal use case pages
  • Commented on T270308 to try and move it forward
  • Added use case pages to the API Portal to complete T250304
  • Added some content to the API Portal continuity doc
  • Input OKRs into Betterworks
  • API Portal project management
  • Passed 5/7 cases for T268257 End-to-end testing for API Gateway, API Portal, and OAuth and opened T272665 for failing cases
  • Opened 657898 for T271285 Links in "Create API key" dialog should open in a new tab
  • Connected my local API Portal to my local OAuth extension, so I’m able to test viewing clients in the API Portal
  • Opened 657925 for T272660 Hide redirect URL for owner-only clients

Q3 Week 2: 2021-01-11 Edit

Q3 Week 1: 2021-01-04 Edit

  • Happy new year!
  • 650792 was approved and merged
  • Consolidated API Portal project management onto and worked on moving todos from my notes to this board
  • Published Q2 log to history page
  • Worked on OKRs for this quarter
  • Cleaned up notes
  • Nice documentation office hours session. Realizing that about three people is the max for productive Q&A.
  • Made sure all javascript examples in the API Portal have semicolons at the end of lines
  • Provided tech support for OAuth and helped resolve T271078 :D
  • Was finally able to link my GitHub and Gerrit users to get green squares for my contributions
  • Reviewed 649766
  • Updated my local MediaWiki Docker environment to run Doxygen
  • Got the OAuth extension to run locally and opened 655180
2020-2021 Q2

Q2 Week 1: 2020-10-05 Edit

Q2 Week 2: 2020-10-12 Edit

Q2 Week 3: 2020-10-19 Edit

  • Reviewed 634732 and 635300
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Wild attempt to fix some CSS bugs 635093
  • Worked on some designs for project messaging
  • Troubleshooted getting DiscussionTools to work on API Portal
  • Opened T266161,  T266160,  T266073
  • Opened a patch for T265815
  • Opened and got +2’d my first PHP patch, 635610 for T266161
  • Added a patchset to 635300 for CSS fixes
  • Worked on capability modeling and process with architecture team

Q2 Week 4: 2020-10-26 Edit

  • Reviewed 636130, 636158, and 637674
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Closed T265366 with CSS fix
  • Worked on displaying projects and languages in API Portal
  • Participated in event storming workshop
  • Participated in architecture planning

Q2 Week 5: 2020-11-02 Edit

Q2 Week 6: 2020-11-09 Edit

Q2 Week 7: 2020-11-16 Edit

Q2 Week 8: 2020-11-23 Edit

  • Reviewed 643280
  • Tested end-to-end OAuth and API Gateway workflows
  • Conducted API Portal user tests
  • Discovered that the API Gateway doesn’t support Api-User-Agent headers as required by the User Agent policy, opened T268791, and removed them from the API Portal reference docs examples
  • Finished API reference docs for Core endpoint in the API Portal
  • Updated the JavaScript examples in the API Portal reference to be more concise
  • Holiday on Thursday and Friday

Q2 Week 9: 2020-11-30 Edit

  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Google Season of Docs mentorship support and docs review
  • Figured out that I can easily add supplemental text to form inputs on the Create Client form, but not easily add tooltips. I’m guessing this is because tooltips carry a style as a result of their implementation as part of the client details view.
  • Reviewed 645062
  • Conducted API Portal user tests and an evaluation for compatibility with RTL languages
  • Did a live demo of the API Portal at the All Staff meeting
  • Participated in architecture modeling
  • Opened 645537 for improvements to API key management interface in the API Portal
  • Co-hosted a meetup of Wikimedia Friends of the Docs

Q2 Week 10: 2020-12-07 Edit

  • Updated Extension:OAuth to reflect
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Worked on API Portal content
  • Reviewed 647088 and 647234
  • Responded to feedback on updates to API Portal create API key flow
  • Got back to zero unread messages in my email inbox :)
  • Decided that without a “depicts” feature for searching Commons, searching for images of a particular subject via the API isn’t helpful as an example use case.
  • Soft-launched the API Portal so that it is publicly visible prior to official launch next month

Q2 Week 11: 2020-12-14 Edit

  • Updated and merged 645537 (user experience improvements for the API Portal key management interface)
  • API Portal project management and task validation
  • Started adding short description API endpoints to the API Portal
  • Opened 650792 to fix short description API spec
  • Worked on API Portal getting started pages
  • Hosted API Portal project closeout celebration (slide deck)
  • Participated in architecture modeling
  • Published architecture event modeling to

Q2 Week 12: 2020-12-21 Edit

  • Finished API Portal reference docs for page description endpoints
  • Reviewed Manual:Parser_cache draft on
  • Holidays Wednesday-Friday
2020-2021 Q1

Q1 Week 1: 2020-07-06 Edit

  • Vacation

Q1 Week 2 2020-07-13 Edit

Q1 Week 3: 2020-07-20 Edit

Q1 Week 4: 2020-07-27 Edit

  • Reviewed proposals for Google Season of Docs and submitted project selection
  • Kicked off planning for participation in the Writing Day at the (virtual) Write the Docs conference in two weeks
  • Project management support for the API Portal project
  • Reviewed technical decision making process doc
  • Updated Template:MediaWikiHook to support hooks with a single underscore in the name
  • Continued researching wikifeeds API for API Gateway
  • Submitted form for individual tuning conversation
  • Drafted OKRs for this quarter
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Documentation consultation with OKAPI team
  • Published initial draft of architecture docs

Q1 Week 5: 2020-08-03 Edit

  • Worked on design validation for WikimediaApiPortal skin
  • Completed permissions validation for API Portal on beta
  • Reviewed structured content store docs
  • Edited and published Indic workshop post on the Tech Blog
  • Project and task management for API Portal
  • Worked on documenting security best practices for the API Portal
  • Edited and sent user contributions API docs for review
  • Helped teammates to write their OKRs

Q1 Week 6: 2020-08-10 Edit

Q1 Week 7: 2020-08-17 Edit

Q1 Week 8: 2020-08-24 Edit

  • Set up a MediaWikiDockerDev environment
  • Opened patches for seven small fixes for the API Portal skin
  • Architecture team offsite
  • Learned about OAuth T260944
  • Worked on Wikifeeds API docs
  • API Portal task validation

Q1 Week 9: 2020-08-31 Edit

Q1 Week 10: 2020-09-07 Edit

  • Holiday on Monday
  • API Portal code review and product management
  • Updated OAuth extension docs
  • Created WikimediaApiPortal skin docs
  • Opened patch for API Portal T260306
  • Attended API Specifications Conference
  • Sent project digest

Q1 Week 11: 2020-09-14 Edit

Q1 Week 12: 2020-09-21 Edit

Q1 Week 13: 2020-09-28 Edit

  • Troubleshooting with Cindy
  • API Portal project management
  • Fixed some CSS bugs in the Portal skin
  • Opened patch for
  • Acceptance testing for WikimediaApiPortalOAuth extension
  • Drafted docs for new extension
  • Troubleshooting extension bugs
2019-2020 Q4

Q4 Week 14: 2020-06-29 Edit

Q4 Week 13: 2020-06-22 Edit

Q4 Week 12: 2020-06-15 Edit

Q4 Week 11: 2020-06-08 Edit

  • Created presentation on Extension:Mermaid
  • Information design for architecture maturity model wiki page
  • Published code samples in Python, PHP, and JavaScript for core REST API reference docs 
  • Worked on API Portal design
  • Wrapped up this phase of hooks docs
  • Support for Google Season of Docs

Q4 Week 10: 2020-06-01 Edit

  • Worked on API Portal project plan
  • Support for Google Season of Docs
  • Published single page version of MediaWiki Core REST API docs
  • Added search endpoints to MediaWiki Core REST API docs
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Updated Template:MediaWikiHook
  • Worked on updates for Manual:Hooks

Q4 Week 9: 2020-05-25 Edit

  • Holiday on Monday
  • Interviewed for Between the Brackets podcast
  • Support for new hook system
  • Merged two patches for improvements to hooks docs on MediaWiki Doxygen
  • Merged a patch correcting a typo on hook interface doc comments
  • Support for Google Season of Docs
  • Reviewed docs patches[148][149]
  • Worked on the MediaWiki Core REST API docs

Q4 Week 8: 2020-05-18 Edit

  • Drafted doc plan for new hooks system
  • Designed update for mediawikihook template
  • Worked on the single-page design for the MediaWiki Core REST API docs
  • Worked on API Portal workflows
  • Crated API Gateway stakeholders group and sent out first API Portal project digest
  • Support for Google Season of Docs
  • Facilitation for TechCom

Q4 Week 7: 2020-05-11 Edit

  • Kicked off Google Season of Docs as a co-admin for Wikimedia
  • Worked on updates to API integration test docs
  • Found my first bug
  • Finished spec for API Portal create app flow
  • Reviewed updates to the API Portal skin
  • Worked on stakeholder communications for the API Portal
  • Worked on API Portal workflows
  • Worked on app management flow for API Portal

Q4 Week 6: 2020-05-04 Edit

  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Created documentation plan for new hook system[150]
  • Worked on API Portal workflows
  • Drafted updated template format for MediaWikiHooks

Q4 Week 5: 2020-04-27 Edit

  • Finished single page version of MediaWiki REST API reference
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Facilitation for TechCom
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Data analysis for "Was this documentation helpful?" gadget

Q4 Week 4: 2020-04-20 Edit

  • Worked on single page version of MediaWiki REST API reference
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Added API Portal design for page options
  • Planned PHP and Python examples for MediaWiki REST API docs
  • Out of office Wednesday-Friday

Q4 Week 3: 2020-04-13 Edit

  • Completed hooks doc comment review patch
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Completed API Portal design review
  • Demoed API Portal for CPT

Q4 Week 2: 2020-04-06 Edit

  • Doc reviews for MediaWiki REST API
  • Worked on hooks doc comment review patch
  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Started work on Wikimedia docs metrics
  • Worked on API Portal design review and updates

Q4 Week 1: 2020-03-30 Edit

  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Worked on hooks doc comment review patch
  • Drafted docs for three MediaWiki REST API endpoints
  • Facilitation for TechCom
2019-2020 Q3

Q3 Week 13: 2020-03-23 Edit

  • Continued support for API Portal project
  • Worked on API Portal design updates
  • Worked on hooks doc comment review patch

Q3 Week 12: 2020-03-16 Edit

  • Started hooks doc comment review patch
  • Worked on MediaWiki REST API docs
  • Experimented with apiDoc tool
  • Worked on API Portal content
  • Facilitation for TechCom

Q3 Week 11: 2020-03-09 Edit

  • Responded to hooks docs task (phab:T246855)
  • Requested review for latest batch of MediaWiki REST API docs
  • Worked on API Portal design updates
  • Holiday on Monday

Q3 Week 10: 2020-03-02 Edit

Q3 Week 9: 2020-02-24 Edit

Q3 Week 8: 2020-02-17 Edit

  • Researched Wikimedia API change policies, and proposed changes to address phab:T244263.
  • Drafted docs for conditional requests to the MediaWiki REST API. Requested review through
  • Reviewed Core Platform team OKRs
  • Attended remote presentation from Stack Overflow. Interesting to learn that they encourage volunteer-built bots but they discourage those bots making edits; they want edits to come from a person.
  • Holiday on Friday

Q3 Week 7: 2020-02-10 Edit

Q3 Week 6: 2020-02-03 Edit

Q3 Week 5: 2020-01-27 Edit

  • Wikimedia All Hands
    • The movement strategy team handles translation by doing paid translations that are checked by volunteers.
    • The (former) community engagement team is a great resource for docs support.
    • The research team has regular contact with people who are using our content on their platforms, so they’re familiar with their use cases and experiences.

Q3 Week 4: 2020-01-20 Edit

Q3 Week 3: 2020-01-13 Edit

Q3 Week 2: 2020-01-06 Edit

  • Worked on re-doing dev portal content strategy and prototype content
  • Joined Slack for green team standups (and goats channel)
  • Learned that Swagger Codegen exports HTML ->
    • dynamic-html: Swagger UI with CSS and JS files
    • html2: Two-column layout with generated examples in eight programming languages and expandable schemas, no sandbox, no examples
    • html: Single-column layout with examples, no sandbox
  • Added HTML display to
  • Joined hiring working group. Met with Corey to discuss next steps for evaluating and improving the onboarding process. Drafted a summary of the state of onboarding docs.

Q3 Week 1: 2019-12-30 Edit

  • Holidays Monday - Wednesday
  • Read When Not to Comment: Questions and Tradeoffs with API Documentation for C++ Projects(
    • "Robillard and DeLine interviewed and surveyed developers about learning obstacles, recommending that common obstacles could be avoided if the intent of an API is documented, code examples cover non-trivial use cases and best practices, and documentation helps developers find API elements for their tasks, understand relevant parts of APIs’ internal behavior, and avoids fragmentation"
    • Researchers grouped developers questions into: "how to do something, what code does, why it is behaving the way it is, finding where something is, who did something, and when they did it"
    • "Recent research has proposed tools for automatically improving documentation. Such tools synthesize code examples [6, 21], generate method [19, 35] and parameter descriptions [36], mine API usage patterns (e.g., [20, 40]), collect insightful sentences describing APIs [37], and identify improvable documentation [39, 41]."
    • "Distrust of documentation could lead to unnecessary searches: S6 visited the implementation to check for unexpected behavior when “it was actually documented properly, but I didn’t believe it.”
    • See also:
2019-2020 Q2

Week 19: 2019-12-23 Edit

  • Worked on dev portal content
  • Holidays Tuesday - Friday

Week 18: 2019-12-16 Edit

  • Reviews for Google Code-in
  • Completed onboarding docs refresh
  • Completed offsite survey

Week 17: 2019-12-09 Edit

Week 16: 2019-12-02 Edit

  • Note that the nowiki tag are helpful for documenting things like translate tags.
  • Completed open enrollment and surveys
  • Reviewed patches for Google Code-In
  • Helped Will create a comparison matrix for popular API spec formats
  • Finished content strategy doc for dev portal, shared with Evan and Kate
  • Reviewed service development proposal content from Eric (T239856)
  • Note taking for TechCom

Week 15: 2019-11-25 Edit

  • Moved Add includes/filebackend/README as generated documentation page into done
  • Note taking for TechCom
  • Looked at tasks for upcoming Google Code In mentorship tasks
  • Review for updates to the docs for the compare revisions endpoint and wikidfiff2 extension
  • Updated REST API docs for history count limits
  • Worked on content strategy for dev portal
  • Added comments to the dev portal prototype
  • Holidays on Thursday and Friday

Week 14: 2019-11-18 Edit

Week 13: 2019-11-11 Edit

  • Holiday on Monday
  • Updates to API integration test docs
    • Updated wiki page with REST API functionality
    • Moved content from the README to the wiki page
  • Updates to the REST API extension interface docs
    • Added new example content from the example extension
    • Met with Bill to review content
    • Made updates based on review feedback
  • Met with Dev Portal designer and provided new hierarchy and placeholder content

Week 12: 2019-11-04 Edit

Week 11: 2019-10-28 Edit

Week 10: 2019-10-21 Edit

Week 9: 2019-10-14 Edit

Week 8: 2019-10-07 Edit

2019-2020 Q1

Week 7: 2019-09-30 Edit

Week 6: 2019-09-23 Edit

Week 5: 2019-09-16 Edit

Week 4: 2019-09-09 Edit

  • MediaWiki Doxygen docs: submitted (first patch merged 🎉)
  • Met with Evan and Bill to review the REST API integration for MediaWiki extensions.
  • Met with Evan to review and clarify personas, use cases, and technologies for the doc portal.
  • Met with Andre
  • AFK on Wednesday

Week 3: 2019-09-02 Edit

Week 2: 2019-08-26 Edit

Week 1: 2019-08-19 Edit

First week at the Foundation!

  • Set up my accounts and user pages
  • Met with Kate, Evan, Bill, Will, and Eric
  • Started content review notes
  • Started doc portal notes

Looking forward: Objectives

  • Spread knowledge of how to use Wikimedia tools
  • Support the Core Platform Team in documenting the MediaWiki platform and related services
  • Practice plain, clear, effective, translatable Global English
  • Learn about decentralized project organization

References Edit

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