Many wikis in the Wikimedia world give editors suggestions about the correct usage of each respective language: orthography, register, punctuation, and so on.

It's inconvenient to link them using interlanguage links (a.k.a. Wikidata sitelinks), because such pages are, by definition, different for each language in their content. Often they are also different in their own structure: for example, some wikis may have just one page for this, some wikis may have only a section in another page, and some wikis may have several pages. This page is a flexible central repository for those pages.

All languages and all kinds of wikis and projects are welcome here—both content projects like Wikipedia and Wikivoyage, and community wikis like Outreach,, and Meta itself. If your project doesn't appear in the list below, add it! For convenience, list them alphabetically by their English name, and add the project's native name after a slash.

And if your wiki doesn't have such a page at all, start one, and list it here!

Pages with Wikidata sitelinks edit

These pages are available on several wikis and are already linked using a sitelink:

Afrikaans Wikipedia edit

Moroccan Arabic Wikipedia / ويكيپيديا ب الداريجة edit

Bosnian Wikipedia / Wikipedia na bosanskom jeziku edit

Catalan Wikipedia / Viquipèdia en català edit

Chinese Wikipedia / 中文维基百科 / 中文維基百科 edit

Croatian Wikipedia / Wikipedija na hrvatskom jeziku edit

Czech Wikipedia / Česká Wikipedie edit

English Wikinews edit

English Wikipedia edit

English Wiktionary edit

French Wikipedia / Wikipedia en français edit

Hebrew Wikipedia / ויקיפדיה העברית edit

Indonesian Wikipedia / Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia edit

Italian Wikipedia / Wikipedia in italiano edit edit

Meta-Wiki edit

Polish Wikipedia / Polskojęzyczna Wikipedia edit

Russian Wikipedia / Русская Википедия edit

Sundanese Wikipedia / Wikipédia basa Sunda edit

Spanish Wikipedia / Wikipedia en español edit edit is not a Wikimedia project, but it is strongly related to the software used on Wikimedia sites, and many editors of Wikimedia edit as well, so it's listed here. has general localisation guidelines for several languages, as well as particular guides for several languages linked from that page. If there is no guide for your language yet, please consider writing it!