I'm currently active in Novial wp and Tok Pisin wp (and started in Esperanto wp, to where I'll likely come back at some time, too, when I get the impulse).

  • I'm interested in Novial mostly as a curiosity, a fun international auxlang. Novial is logical, well-structured and from what I can tell as well suited as an IAL as many of the more popular. A drawback/flaw that it shares with many others are that the vocabulary basis is not at all international (in the modern notion/if you by that mean globally international). It is, however, in contrast to Esperanto and so many others (like the otherwise interesting Uropi, just to name one example) (almost fully) gender balanced. I can see a Northern Germanic influence (bli, ska), which subjectively I find compelling as a Nordic person myself ("Scandinavian" is a somewhat diffuse concept, that is less used here in the Nordic countries). If only the userbase was larger, it could have been on par with Elefen, another very well made IAL.
I have ideas for novwp. In short, since substubs are very suboptimal, the first goal would be to expand available articles. And seeing that the community is quite minimal, no high goals should be set. A both usable and perhaps reasonable goal could be to give a good summary of all the current topics/the 2000 most important topics (novwp frontpage currently reports 1660 articles). So, short and useful articles, in a simple and useful IAL, that at least could be of interest as a hobby language. But for that we would need editors. Anyway, that and perhaps some cleaning up is what I've been doing lately on novwp.
  • Tok Pisin is a neat (natural) language. As I don't know it well (which is true for Novial too, but Novial has slightly higher regularity and documentation), I can't contribute too much in it. But I can try to clean up the wiki somewhat, adjust the shortest articles and correct the most obvious errors. And I think I've actually found a couple of spread linguistic errors, that I would want to try to sort out (I think many tpi/edit-amatures has mistaken "emi"/"em i" as meaning ~"am a", while it actually means "he/she/it [here-begins-the-predicate-of-the-sentence]").
As with many small wp:s, central mass-messages from the WMF etc kills all potential discussion: when you go to the Village pump, you'll find a deluge of 100+ long mass messages, which would effectively hide any actual discussion, and likely scare a novice wanting to ask a question away. If you archive, in a few months or a year the VP will look the same again.