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Merge/Merging two items

If you are new to wikidata and don't want to mess up existing data why not try the sandboxes that we have?

If you need to pronounce my username with latin letters you can use: "Elinterest".

wikidata:Help:Description exactly what I searched for.

No wikibook on method of loci (Q1758418) yet, nor on wikiversity.

Attempting to revert verifiable (software version identifier (P348)) history for Minecraft (Minecraft (Q49740))Edit

This is the 3rd page from earliest to most recent wikidata item history with 100 edits for every page. Any further notes I make I will save locally on my computer in MinecraftQ49740.txt on my desktop to not pollute this space.

wikidata of hightlight or completeness in itemsEdit

This section is for highlighting items which I consider complete or which I attempt to make complete. One for each 'category' of items:

Understanding LexemesEdit

Interesting questions about Lexemes from project chatEdit

Swedish Wikimedia projectsEdit

Mitt användarnamn kan uttalas "Ellinterest".


WikiProject Psychology (Q10858450)Edit

Två relevanta frågor(wikidata)

Läste om Steve Jobs och så hamnade jag på lifestyle (P1576): vegetarianism (Q83364) och perfectionism (Q1121749). Finns mycket i mänskligt beteende och egenskaper som finns att analysera.

Här har vi personer som är inlagda på wikidata med följande medical condition (P1050) (tillsvidare):

Projekt medicin/psykologi/psykiatri mm. som jag är intresserad av att delta i:

English Wikimedia projectsEdit

My username can be pronounced "El Interest"

I spend some time trying to find a reliable source for the claim that the people have APD which are found in the [[Wikipedia:Category:People_with_antisocial_personality_disorder|Category:People_with_antisocial_personality_disorder]]:

  • Gary Gilmore (Q560440) - no reliable source found. Most articles on internet searches were just copying the Wikipedia article content.


Articles which I find useful for good/interesting structure:

the status of privacy in SwedenEdit

  • This article gives me inspiration to learn more about privacy laws in Sweden

Links to interesting sites and other inspiration I got from a fellow wikidata userEdit