Uncyclopedia User Group

The Uncyclopedians of Wikimedia User Group (or whatever we wind up calling ourselves, because that's not funny at all) is a proposed user group dedicated to humour, parody, pointless retrospectives, and writing the word 'parakeet' exactly 242 times. We are a part of both the MediaWiki community specifically, using and maintaining the platform as an invaluable tool for transparent collaboration an self-documenting hissyfits, as well as the wider Wikimedia movement because of all these things, which we both embody and support as totally important to keeping the bad jokes flowing across all languages, nations, and senses of humour.


  1. Be funny and not just stupid.
  2. Provide support for all wiki communities that want to be contrary and make a hundred forks of themselves, in the interest of collaboration and free knowledge.
  3. Maintain a global community of Uncyclopedia users, MediaWiki developers, random people we rope in off the street, and anyone else who just finds this funny.
  4. Constantly remind this ridiculous movement how ridiculous it is by providing a valuable and totally objective new perspective.
  5. Make sure Wikimedia doesn't go completely overboard and destroy itself, because that would be kind of inconvenient.


  • mw dev stuff, wasting valuable wikimedia resources hosting our weird dev stuff, arguing about our dev stuff on other dev stuff, yelling at people for not properly supporting our dev stuff (come on, how hard is it to update the namespace when you move a class?!), breaking other people's dev stuff
  • meetups?
  • massive drama
  • providing commentary on the movement strategy by adopting it as our own pretty much verbatim, because you can't top perfection


  • 2030!!!!
  • Profit?! Or maybe just recognition.
  • ...
  • 1 April 2019: Declared ourselves to theoretically exist, maybe
  • 31 March 2019: Relaunched spanish, german, czech, and hebrew Uncyclopedias as independent sites in the middle of a conference, because that's smrt, we're smrt

Contact informationEdit

Contact Isarra or whoever. Or find us on IRC or discord in what may or may not be obvious locations.

We also need a second contact.

Interested in participatingEdit