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Wikimedia Project Trainings for New Volunteers in Marneuli
September & December 2019

Wikimedia UG Georgia, in cooperation with the Development and Education Center of Marneuli, will conduct trainings for new volunteers on work in Wikimedia projects. New volunteers will be trained on the specifics of working on Wiki-technologies and on creating free content based on Wikimedia projects. Trainings will take place within a few days.


The idea of conducting trainings on teaching and attracting new volunteers to Wikimedia projects has always existed. Such events are the succession of creating sustainable bases for the further development of Wikimedia projects in Georgia, since such events are taking place in different regions of Georgia. Such events give a chance to develop volunteer work for Wikimedia throughout Georgia, and not only in the center.


Our main goal is to attract new volunteers to work in Wikimedia projects. Through such events, we contribute to the training and further work of new volunteers. Through training on work in Wikimedia projects in different parts of Georgia, we contribute to the development of diversity and the representation of volunteers of different interests and skills. Our goal is also to create WikiClubs in different regions of Georgia, through such events.

  • Our goals besides the above are:
  1. Recruit new editors.
  2. Attract more young people to work in Wikimedia Projects on Georgian.
  3. Popularization of Wikimedia projects among young people of Georgia.
  4. Add or improve content.
  5. Increase public awareness of Wikipedia and open data.


With the help of such projects everyone will benefit, both volunteers and Wikimedians, who are trying to develop Wikimedia projects in Georgia. But, most importantly, community will win by developing free knowledge, which contributes to the future of humanity.

All benefits:

  1. New volunteers: Wikimedia projects get new volunteers to develop free knowledge in the face of training participants.
  2. Participation in Competitions: New volunteers will be able to participate in the Wikimedia UG Georgia contests and not only, and will be able to win various expensive prizes.
  3. Participation in WikiCamps: Volunteers will be able to participate in WikiCamps of Wikimedia UG Georgia and not only, where they will create new content for Wikimedia projects.
  4. Participation in international programs and competitions: New volunteers with improved skills to work in Wikimedia projects will be able to participate in international programs of the Wikimedia Foundation.


All interested people, mostly young people, will take part in the trainings. The number of participants will be gender balanced (50% male and 50% female).

List of ParticipantsEdit

User name
1 Moon2297
2 Simay557
3 Lale Askerova
4 Aisun02
5 Aitekin
6 Lika007
7 Arzu23
8 Q.Sabi18
9 Ələddin87
10 Aytac111
11 Aitan08
12 Khurbanova
13 Niyameddin03
14 Aida111
15 Enfarklileyla



The organizer of the training is Wikimedia UG Georgia and the Development and Education Center of Marneuli.