Turkic Wikimedia Conference 2012

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Turkic Wikimedia Conference logo
Turkic Wikimedia Conference logo

The Turkic Wikimedia Conference has been suggested and supported by Wikimedia Foundation Inc. (USA) based on activity of Kazakh Wikipedians (WikiBilim Foundation) as a good example to share and promote in Central Asian region. The purpose of the conference is to increase communication between wiki communities and increase awareness and activity of the society in terms of free culture; user generated content, free software and open source education issues.

The Turkic Wikimedia Conference was held on April 20–21, 2012 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The overall goal of the project is the establishment of a network of sustainable teams of volunteers across the Turkic speaking countries which actively participate in creating, developing and promoting free and open knowledge based Wikimedia Movement and Creative Commons licenses to increase the ability of native languages and the intellectual content in those languages. Turkic Wikimedia Conference will try to reach the following goals:

  • Promote the Wikimedia Movement and Wiki Projects in Turkic speaking countries;
  • Promote Creative Commons movement;
  • Establish sustainable communication among Wikimedia communities;
  • Increase educational content in native languages;
  • Issues in establishing Wikimedia Local Chapter and CC Affiliate Team;
  • Adopt Wikimedia projects in the Educational sector (Wikipedia Education Program);

Through the activity of the conducting the conference we expect an increase and awareness of the society about Wikimedia projects and Free culture movement (Creative Commons); increase the involvement of young people to contribute in worldwide online free encyclopedia; improve the understanding that every community is responsible for their own language and generating the content; provide open and free access to information; increase internet literacy of the older generation; provide additional tools to create, share and remix own works for creative people; by establishing sustainable networks of volunteers will generate and conduct new projects; Top Universities will start to use Wikipedia in their teaching process; The team of Wikipedia Ambassadors will be defined in each campus; Bloggers and journalist will start to use CC licenses to share their materials.











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