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Wikivoyage logo displayed on the sidebar color of Mediawiki's default Vector skin:

2012 logo drive


The above logo was selected by the Wikivoyage 2012 logo drive that took place November-December, 2012 to provide a new Wikivoyage logo for the official public announcement of our move to Wikimedia Foundation. The logo drive is archived in Wikivoyage/Logo/Round 1 and Wikivoyage/Logo/Round 2.

Word mark


The font used in the current logo is Gill Sans Bold.

The word mark for the old logo is in Lenka font. Lenka, the Lenka font designer, is excited that we are using her font for our "Wikivoyage" word mark and has expressed willingness to work on further word mark requirements. She can be reached through Roger <> who has her email address and will forward word mark related emails to her, or on her Squirrels in London blog.

The Lenka word mark was chosen in a poll. Discussion of the word mark continues at the bottom of Talk:Wikivoyage/Logo.