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Translation status (refresh · edit)
(en) English ·create
(en-gb) English (UK) ·create

(en-us) English (US)
  Wait until further notice

(fr) French Français
  published, too late for changes
(es) Spanish Español
  published, too late for changes
(ja) Japanese 日本語
  published, too late for changes
(ru) Russian Русский
  published, too late for changes
(zh) Chinese 中文
  partially translated
(zh-hant)Chinese-trad.傳統中文 ·create
(zh-hans)Chinese-simp.簡化中文 ·create
(af) Afrikaans ·create
(ar) Arabic العربية ·create
(bg) Bulgarian Български ·create
(bn) Bengali বাংলা ·create
(ca) Catalan Català ·create
(ce) Chechen Нохчийн ·create
(cs) Czech Česky
  published, too late for changes
(da) Danish Dansk ·create
(de) German Deutsch
  published, too late for changes
(el) Greek Ελληνικά ·create
(eo) Esperanto ·create
(et) Estonian Eesti ·create
(fa) Persian فارسی ·create
(fi) Finnish Suomi ·create
(fo) Faroese Føroyskt ·create
(gl) Galician Galego ·create
(he) Hebrew עברית ·create
(hi) Hindi हिन्दी ·create
(is) Icelandic Íslenska ·create
(hr) Croatian Hrvatski ·create
(hsb) Upper Sorbian Hornjoserbsce ·create
(hu) Hungarian Magyar
  published, too late for changes
(id) Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia ·create
(it) Italian Italiano
  published, too late for changes
(jv) Javanese Basa Jawa ·create
(kk) Kazakh Qazaq ·create
(ko) Korean 한국어 ·create
(lt) Lithuanian Lietuvių ·create
(ml) Malayalam മലയാളം ·create
(ms) Malay Bahasa Melayu ·create
(nb) Norwegian Bokmål ·create
(nl) Dutch Nederlands
  published, too late for changes
(nn) Norwegian Nynorsk ·create
(no) Norwegian Bokmål (obsolete; use nb) ·create
(oc) Occitan ·create
(oc) Odia (Oriya) ଓଡ଼ିଆ ·create
(pl) Polish Polski ·create
(pms) Piemontese Piemontèis ·create
(pt) Portuguese Português ·create
(ro) Romanian Română ·create
(sk) Slovak Slovenčina ·create
(sl) Slovenian Slovenščina ·create
(sr) Serbian Српски/Srpski ·create
(sq) Albanian Shqip ·create
(sv) Swedish Svenska ·create
(th) Thai ไทย ·create
(tl) Tagalog ·create
(tr) Turkish Türkçe ·create
(uk) Ukrainian Українська ·create
(vec) Venetian Vèneto ·create
(vi) Vietnamese Tiếng Việt ·create
(yue) Cantonese 廣東話 ·create

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