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When to cite quiz

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When should you cite a source?
  1. Only when you use a direct quote from the author. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    INCORRECT! You should avoid direct quotes whenever possible, but when you use them, you should cite them. However, it's not the only time you need to cite a source.
  2. Whenever you cite any information from that source. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    CORRECT! Any statement you make that draws from a particular source should be cited.
  3. When you find one that supports what you want to say. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    INCORRECT! You should only say what you find in a source. That way, you'll avoid writing biased articles, or articles that skew toward a particular viewpoint (your own).
  4. Only when someone adds the "citation needed" tag to your article. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    INCORRECT! While you should pay attention to the "citation needed" tag, you always use sources to begin with.

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