Toolhub/Progress reports/2022-02-11

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2022-02-11.

Features AddedEdit

Improved Search AccuracyEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T295942

Raymond submitted a patch for the task that talks about improving the accuracy of autocomplete searches.

The Team plans to continue in this direction by in-coperating this improvement into the list feature and main site search.

Initial Annotations support completedEdit

Initial work on the data model and related backend integration for the Annotations feature set from our roadmap was completed by Bryan and the series of patches has been merged.

The Team plans to continue working on full completing the annotation epic namely the UI for Annotation and any related bugs that may come up.

Multi-author support for Toolinfo recordsEdit

Bryan Implemented a feature to enable multi-author support for our toolinfo records. our 1.0 release already has support for toolinfo author(s) as string, but this falls short when a tool has multiple authors. There was a need to interact with the different authors separately to improve on Tags and authors filtered search. This feature involves three different patches. Bryan worked on the schema (merged last week) and the API patches, while Raymond Worked on the ui patch for this feature.

The Team plans on making future improvements to the UI path of this feature.


Slavina continued working on the series of patches and bug fixes that need to be resolved for the full implementation of the lists feature from our roadmap. While most of the patches critical to the completion of this Epic have been merged, there are still some patches and bug fixes that need to be merged/resolved before we are done with this.

Bugs FixedEdit

Localisation bug fixesEdit

Raymond Submitted a fix for a bug affecting the accurate localization of certain strings. This bug happened because certain strings on the frontend that should be localized were mistakenly embedded into the frontend code directly without localization.