Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-10-15

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-10-15.

Last minute bug fixes and tweaksEdit

In last week's progress report we expected to deploy on 2021-10-13. This date ended up being postponed until 2021-10-14 because of a few problems discovered during final setup of the application:

Bryan was a bit panicked on 2021-10-12 about discovering these issues so late in the testing cycle, but ultimately all of them proved to be relatively simple to fix.

Toolhub 1.0 is live!Edit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T115650 resolved

The official deployment of Toolhub was announced to the Wikimedia community on 2021-10-14.

The "Create an authoritative and well promoted catalog of Wikimedia tools" phabricator task that we chose to represent the Toolhub 1.0 milestone was created from discussions on wikitech-l in 2015. That task was ranked as the 4th most popular proposal in the 2017 Developer Wishlist survey. In 2018 the Wikimedia Cloud Services team hired Harej as a contractor to begin work on examining the use cases for Toolhub. The Wikimedia Technical Engagement team was able to make implementing Toolhub a part of their fiscal year 2020-2021 plans. Our first progress report was published on 2020-09-18 following several weeks of initial planning and work on the project.

It has been a long journey requiring help from many, many people to to reach this point. We have thanked many of you who helped in these progress reports and in the launch announcement. If you have helped and you have not been thanked yet, we are sorry and thank you! The Toolhub team is looking forward to continuing to discuss and implement new features as we continue to work to jointly evolve this project with the Wikimedia community.