Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-06-11

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-06-11.

Edit suppression UIEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T284358 resolved

Srishti followed up last week's introduction of an API for edit suppression by integrating the hid/reveal functionality into the Toolhub frontend UI. Users who are members of the Oversighter and Administrator groups can now see a '(hide)' action for each revision in a tool's history that is visible to all users and a '(reveal)' action for suppressed revisions.

Bryan did some additional follow up work related to suppression on the backend as well. Diffs which start or end with a suppressed revision now require that the calling user be an Oversighter or Administrator to see the diff content. Users without this privilege will instead be given an HTTP 403 Forbidden response. This authorization protection is also applied to the undo API in the same circumstances.

RapiDoc upgradedEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T279466 resolved

Toolhub is now using RapiDoc v9.0.0 to render it's OpenAPI spec.

Patrolling APIEdit

A patch introducing an API for marking a toolinfo revision as patrolled has been merged. Members of the Patrollers group will be able to use this API to mark a revision as having been reviewed by a patroller. Additional work is now underway to expose the patrolled status of revisions in our GET /api/auditlog/ endpoint. This will eventually allow us to add filtering and visual indicators to the audit log frontend screen to make it usable as a work queue for patrolling.

Annotations will not be included in the 1.0 releaseEdit

With less than 3 weeks left in this quarter of planned work (April 2021-June 2021) we have not yet started on two of our three planned areas of work. We are nearly feature complete for content moderation workflows, but nether lists nor annotations have been started yet.

Annotations are a much desired feature to allow shared community editing to be combined with the base maintainer controlled toolinfo data for each registered tool. This feature however is also relatively complex and in need of further detailed specification. We do not believe that there is time remaining to even make a good faith attempt at adding the core functionality in our current timebox. We have instead decided to move this feature into a future release following the initial 1.0 deployment.

Wrap upEdit

We are very close to having all of the content moderation features in place. We plan on implementing list of tools next, both for managing "favorite" tools as a private list for each user as well as "public" lists which can be seen by others. This work will very likely carry over into the start of the next Wikimedia Foundation quarter. It will also complete our revised 1.0 feature roadmap.

Next week is going to be great fun for those of us at the Foundation, but less productive for the Toolhub project. The Foundation is holding its first ever virtual All Hands event June 15 through June 17. These 3 days will be filled with many online activities to help us all reconnect with each other and meet new folks. Bryan and Srishti are not likely to be doing much coding at the same time however. Friday June 18 will be an observed holiday for Foundation staff as well. As a result, we will not be publishing a weekly wrap up on 2021-06-18 and will instead resume publication on 2021-06-25.