Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-05-07

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-05-07.

Special:Contributions and Special:RecentChanges workalikesEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T280854

Srishti has started working on frontend changes to expose the auditlog filtering we added a couple of weeks ago. Our intent is to make it possible to review the edits made by a single user, similar to MediaWiki's Special:Contributions, and also the site wide edit activity, similar to MediaWiki's Special:RecentChanges. For now we are going to combine these use cases into the audit log display screen, but we can easily create separate pages if things start to get confusing with too many different workflows packed into one interface.

User groups for authorizationEdit

Bryan continued work on object level permissions from last week with new patches adding API endpoints for adding and removing users from groups. These actions are also connected to the auditlog system where they will show up as events like 'BDavis (WMF) added to a group "Oversighters"'. Discussing these additions with Srishti also uncovered the need for a few additional related API changes--username autocomplete support and group membership in the active user information--that should be worked on soon.

Wrap upEdit

After a bit of a slow start, we are making more consistent progress on tasks for our content moderation support feature list. These features are necessary for allowing the community to manage the unfortunate realities of spam and abuse that are nearly universal in systems which allow users to edit content. The Wikimedia community is accustomed to having the powerful moderation tools which have been built into MediaWiki over the years. Toolhub's moderation tools will not be as mature as MediaWiki's, but we hope that by modeling them loosely after MediaWiki's tools they will at least be familiar to many who will help us patrol the content.