Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-04-09

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-04-09.

Direct tool registrationEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T195682 resolved

Srishti's work on displaying edit history and diffs has been merged. This marks the completion of our January-March goals!

April-June 2021 project goalsEdit

The Wikimedia Foundation uses a system of objectives and key results to track internal project goals and their progress. For the April-June 2021 period (FY20/21 Q4), the following OKRs will be used to track progress on the Toolhub project:

(O) Complete 1.0 feature roadmap (content moderation, lists, annotations)
(O) Content moderation support
(KR) API for filtering /api/auditlogs results
(KR) UI for filtering audit logs by user, type, object
(KR) Implement object level permissions
(KR) API for marking edit as patrolled
(KR) UI for patrolling edits
(KR) API for suppressing an edit
(KR) UI for suppressing an edit
(O) Curated lists of tools
(KR) Persistence layer for lists of tools
(KR) API for favorite tools
(KR) UI for favorite tools
(KR) API for curated lists
(KR) UI for curated lists
(KR) API for featured lists
(KR) UI for featured lists
(O) Toolinfo annotations
(KR) Persistence layer for annotations
(KR) API for annotations
(KR) UI for annotations

This set of functionality will complete our roadmap of desired 1.0 features.

Wrap upEdit

Completing our January-March goals feels really good. Astute readers will notice that it is now April and not March, but the one week schedule overrun is not too damaging to our other planned work.

We have decided to work towards feature completion in the April-June quarter rather than reducing the feature set to hit a June release date. We are adjusting our expected production deployment to August 2021. We expect to receive a security readiness review in July 2021. We will also be using July work on things like end user documentation and any remaining deployment tooling integrations that will be needed prior to launch. We hope that these changes will make things less stressful for our team and the other teams that will be helping complete the necessary reviews and non-coding work required for the initial deployment of our new service.