Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-01-22

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-01-22.

Central notification serviceEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T272185

Srishti and Bryan had a discussion about the challenges of presenting "toast" messages to the user in the Vue frontend. These have been proliferating as unique implementations in each view that needs to present an error message or acknowledgment of a successful action to the user.

Inspired by the functionality of messages in the Django framework, Bryan has designed and implemented a Vue service for posting messages from anywhere in the codebase to a single display component. The current draft of this service is awaiting Srishti's review at gerrit:657414.

This work took more time than initially expected due to issues with our webpack configuration and mocha tests. We think we have found a solution however after a lot of false starts. Why are computers so hard? ;)

Translatewiki integration checkinEdit

Niklas Laxström reached out to see how our integration with was going. He and Bryan had a nice conversation over IRC about the needs in the future for providing translations for the "dynamic" content of toolinfo records and their annotations. That work is not expected to start until April.

Toolhub API OAuthEdit

Srishti's work on the frontend for the OAuth server API in gerrit:655550 has continued. This is looking pretty good with most of the discussion still active being about one UI interaction. There are a few coding style questions too, but these are really orthogonal to the actual feature implementation.

Ready for RTL reviewEdit

Now that we have a demo server and good Hebrew translation coverage, Srishti has reached out to Eran, our advisory council's RTL expert, asking for him to review our current RTL support.

Wrap upEdit

Tasks have been progressing a bit slower in the last two weeks as Srishti and Bryan have been pulled into work outside of the Toolhub project. This is normal and something we have expected in our capacity planning.