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Issue 33, March–April 2019

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In this issue we highlight #1Lib1Ref, global developments and, as always, a roundup of news and community items related to libraries and digital knowledge.



Our latest iteration of #1Lib1Ref runs 15 May to 5 June. Building on the lessons from the January edition, several global communities have committed to participate in this microcontribution campaign to add just one citation to Wikimedia projects. We are also undertaking work to improve the Hashtags tool to better support initiatives like this. The Dashboard is open once again for tracking of contributions, with the addition of an organizer's how-to guide on the use of the tool.

Wikimedia and Libraries User Group


The steering committee election has come to a close and we have a new committee in place. The elected candidates are:

The Wikipedia Library team thanks all the candidates who braved the elections and warmly welcomes the new steering committee. The committee has already met twice – once back in April and once in May. The committee is working towards creating action plans for the strategic goals devised by the previous committee.


  • The call for submissions has been opened for Wikimania 2019 in Sweden. This year there will be a Libraries space at Wikimania and you are invited to submit a session for the space. Some examples of what you could submit on are:
    • How Wikimedia projects can be used as a tool in teaching about information and media literacy.
    • How Wikidata may serve as part of the bibliographic infrastructure.
    • How Wikimedia Commons is used in conjunction with digital collections.
    • Using Wikidata to support scholarly communications.
    • The importance and role of WikiCite in library networks.
    • Strategies to transfer knowledge of working with libraries between various Wikimedia communities and vice-versa.
  • Resource Exchange page was set up at the Indic Wikimedia Portal. It was created as a result of discussions held at The Wikipedia Library Conference (TWLCon), a Wikipedia Library-related mini-conference held to convene librarians and Wikimedians to discuss the way forward on connecting the two worlds. It's obvious that Libraries and Wikipedia have a shared purpose, which is to point people to accurate and reliable information.
  • The 1lib1ref 2019 January report was published a couple of weeks back. It attempts to describe the level of work that ensued from the campaign and highlights some activities and lessons that stood out during the campaign. Did we miss any lessons? There is still a chance to collect information about what you learnt from your community via this feedback form.

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