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Library Coordination:
Join a team of research experts, library helpers, and project organizers

Many hands, many roles edit

TWL works because of the amazing volunteer resources in our community. You can help with managing and expanding this project. Each library branch is run by a core team that plays many different roles. Here are some of the way you can get involved (feel free to help out with more than one!)

  • Project coordinators help organize projects and guide volunteers
  • Account coordinators distribute access from donations
  • Partner coordinators contact donors
  • Research coordinators run reference services
  • Outreach coordinators connect to outside organizations

Join the coordination team! edit

If you are interested in becoming an Account Coordinator for The Wikipedia Library, please add simple answers to the following questions:

  • What is your user name and your main Wikimedia project(s)?
  • How long have you been active with Wikimedia, and what areas are you active in?
  • Why do you want to volunteer with The Wikipedia Library? What role would you prefer?
Because some coordinators have access to private information like real names, email addresses, and book purchasing accounts, coordinators may be asked to sign confidentiality agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Signups edit

  1. User:Example. I'm a bureaucrat on Arabic Wikipedia where I've been editing for 6 years. I speak English, Arabic, and a little French. I'm most proud of my work organizing our editathon series focused on creating articles about women authors. I'm interesting in being an account coordinator but I'd also like to contact potential donors once I'm comfortable. I can put in up to 5 hours per week, except during exams. I was an undergraduate history major so I spent a lot of time researching in the library. I also was a teaching assistant for my upper level history course so I helped other students with research. I think this experience gave me an appreciation for the role of libraries and also some of the challenges they face.
  2. add your name here

Meet our coordinators edit

Please apply above before creating your profile

  • Username: Ocaasi
  • Real name (optional): Jake Orlowitz
  • Role: Project coordinator
  • Skills: Outreach to publishers, starting new projects, organizing volunteers
  • My library background: I don't have a formal library background but I studied political theory in University and my work on Wikipedia involved hundreds of hours of research. My biggest strength as a researcher is wanting to find every last relevant source.
  • My Wikipedia Library future: I want the Wikipedia Library to grow its network of connections to respected sources and institutions. I know that in order for that to happen we need a dedicated core team of passionate volunteers. I want to find them, work with them, and empower them.
  • Favorite quote: "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler" --Albert Einstein

Add your username here edit

  • Username: Memuna Syed
  • Real name (optional): Memuna syed
  • Role:Assistant Editor - Pakistan Journal of Medicine and Dentistry,, Email: ,
  • Skills:Editor skills required for medical journals, certified content writer, certified editorship from PJMS, attended ICDDT conference in Dubai, Google digital graduate
  • My library background: Competent knowledge of processes
  • My Wikipedia Library future: I want to include Pakistan Journal of Medicine and Dentistry in the list
  • Favorite quote: Death with Dignity is Better than Life of Humiliation- Imam Hussain A.S.