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Note: This section may not be updated since 2007/04/02. Please give once a look to Translation requests and consider to match your page to it. Thank you.

  1. Translation requests/Licensing policy
    Expected date: 2007/04/01
    100 percent.svg: En (orig), Es
  2. CPGroup announcement
    Expected date: 2007/04/02
    100 percent.svg: En (orig), Ar
  3. WMF news - Last update: 2007-03-27
    Existing languages: Ru, Es, Ar, Fr, Nl, Ja, Zh
    Relevant translation needs: Translation requests/WMF/Current staff (new employee, Cary Bass[bastique] and Rob; stepping aside people, Danny and Brad)
    Expected date: 2007/04/01
    100 percent.svg Ar, En (orig.), Es, Fr, Ru
    50%.svg Need update: Fi, Ja, ...
    25%.svg Zh
    00%.svg Pt ...
  4. Wikimania 2007 Registration etc. / ext.
    Proposed deadline: 2007-03-18
    100 percent.svg: Zh (orig.), En
  5. From Wikimedia press releases
    1. Advisory Board.
      100 percent.svg: En, Ja, Fr
      75%.svg: Pt
      50%.svg: Es
      25%.svg: Zh
      00%.svg: De, It, Nl, Ru, Pl ...
  6. Fundraising FAQ Updated on January 18
    100 percent.svg En (orig.), Ja, Fr
    25%.svg De, Es, Hu, It, Nl, Tr, Sv; Zh, Da, Gl, Pt, Zh
    00%.svg Any, e.g. Ru... (read more)
  7. New fundraising page
    Note You are encourage to directly prepare the draft on the foundation wiki due to time restriction.
    100 percent.svg: Ar, Cs, De, En (orig.), El, Es, Fr, It, Ja, Nl, Pl, Pt, Ru, Sr, Tr, Zh
    75%.svg: Hu?
    00%.svg Br, Ca, Eo, Et, Fi, Ga, He, Id, Ko, Ro ...
    ADDITIONAL Note: Could translators of these new fundraising pages please redirect the old fundraising pages to the new ones? Links to the old pages can be found in wikimedia:Template:Fundraising_drive_letter. When putting in the redirect, links to the old page should probably be updated; most importantly, don't forget to change the lang line of wikimedia:Template:Fundraising_drive_letter to point to the new fundraising page for lang. For example, for en, wikimedia:Wikimedia_needs_your_help has been redirected to wikimedia:Fundraising; and the en line of wikimedia:Template:Fundraising_drive_letter now points to the latter page.
  8. About Wikimedia - major updated;
    100 percent.svg: En, Ja
    75%.svg : Fr
    50%.svg : Nl; Es
    25%.svg : Ar
    00%.svg : Zh, Ru, Pt ... (read more)
  9. Board of Trustees
    100 percent.svg: En, Nl, Es, It, Ja
    75%.svg : Fr
    50%.svg : Sv
    25%.svg : Ru
    00%.svg : Zh, Pt ...
  10. Our projects
    100 percent.svg: En, Es, Fr, Ja, Pt
    75%.svg: It
    25%.svg: Ar, Zh
    00%.svg: Nl
  11. other Wikimedia foundation website pages.