Template:Page history

This template is similar to Template:Last edit except that on every save edit info is added.

To start it up on a page, put

<ul style="display:none">{{subst:page history|}}</ul>


Extras compared with the regular page history:

  • wikitext, so it can be edited

Extras of the regular page history:

  • edit summaries
  • diff feature

Other differences:

  • the template gives signatures, the regular page history gives plain, official user names, with links to talk page etc.
  • the time zone is fixed in the template (UTC); the regular page history uses the user-dependent time zone
  • while the date format is dependent on user-preferences in both cases, the regular page history adds seconds in the case of ISO 8601 format, while in the template it is fixed whether seconds are displayed (currently not)

Compare also:

{{subst:Last edit|Last edit of page Template:Page history: 2023-04-25 T 18:36 UTC, by Jonesey95 (talk)}}

See also

Substituting this template produces one or more new substitution template calls, allowing recursive change of a page, see Help:Recursive conversion of wikitext.