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به انجمن بپیوندید

ما از یک کمیته بزرگ خرسندیم و انتخابات برگزار نیم کنیم. آنها که تصمیم گرفته اند مطابق الگو ها باشند دعوت می شوند در دوران گفتگوهای باز عضو شوند. عضویت برای یک دروه یک ساله است که ممکن است تجدیدپذیر باشند.

برای عضویت بررسی خواهد شد
1."الگوی عضویت را بخوانید" و مطمئن شوید که شرایط لازم را دارید.

2. Review the committee's tasks and make sure you're willing and able to fulfill them (we'll show you how!).

3. Add your name to the list of candidates. Please include a brief statement about your background and Wikimedia involvement, demonstrating how you meet the criteria.


1. Provide feedback on grant proposals: Check on new ideas, drafts and proposals, engaging in talk page discussions to help improve them and asking questions to ensure that sufficient information is provided and that goals and estimates are realistic.

2. Review finalized proposals: Read and research submissions, join a working group to score proposals according to rubric determined by selection criteria and give feedback to applicants.

3. Recommend proposals for funding: Recommend a shortlist of proposals for funding to WMF staff based on the available budget.

الگوی عضویت


  1. Experience with the Wikimedia movement and at least one Wikimedia project.
  2. Experience with some aspect of Wikimedia programmatic or project-based work, e.g. editor engagement, WikiProjects or other on-wiki organizing processes, outreach, events, partnerships, research, education, gadget or bot-building, etc.
  3. Ability to edit basic wiki-markup (grant proposal discussions are largely conducted on meta-wiki).
  4. Reasonable facility with English, for reviewing and discussing grant proposals.
  5. In good community- and legal- standing (not currently blocked or banned, involved in allegations of unethical financial behavior, etc).
  6. Availability to actively engage in the selection process during the published schedule for that round (time commitment is about 3 hours per week, plus 1 extra day for scoring).


  1. Experience leading, coordinating, or managing projects with an intended on-wiki or online impact.
  2. Experience handling externally provided money and working within budgets, preferably in a non-profit context.
  3. Experience applying for grants or working in grants programs (in the Wikimedia, academic, or wider non-profit world).
  4. توانایی خواندن و نوشتن به چند زبان

قابل قبول

  1. Members may apply for an Individual Engagement Grant themselves, but they will recuse themselves from reviewing proposals in the same category as their own during that round.
  2. Membership does not conflict with membership in other Wikimedia committees, including the Grant Advisory Committee or the Wikimania Scholarships Committee.