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This page is a translated version of the page Template:Fortius linguarum/TOC and the translation is 38% complete.
Table of Contents
  1. Introducción
  2. Translate Extension
    1. Traduciendo
    2. Proofreading
    3. Message group statistics
  3. Preparing translations
    1. Translation markup
    2. Peticiones sencillas
    3. Peticiones complejas y múltiples
  4. Comunicando con los traductores
    1. Especial:Notifytranslators
    2. AWB:AutoWikiBrowser
    3. Pancartas de reclutamiento
    4. Direct-to-translation banners
    5. Donor surveys
    6. Chapter assistance
  5. Banners and Central notice
    1. Banner translations
    2. Localisation and javascript
    3. Special:Translate integration
  6. Apéndices
    1. List of Fundraising Pages
Template documentation


{{TNT|Fortius linguarum/TOC}}

(called over {{TNT}} for auto-corresponding languages for translations of this template and languages of pages where it was called)


Each page calls Template:Fortius linguarum/TOC/layout, where defined style and translatable elements.

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For creating new translation please use link above languages list.