Template:Fortius linguarum/TOC/de

This page is a translated version of the page Template:Fortius linguarum/TOC and the translation is 29% complete.
  1. Einleitung
  2. Translate Extension
    1. Translating
    2. Korrekturlesen
    3. Message group statistics
  3. Übersetzungen vorbereiten
    1. Translation markup
    2. Einfache Anfragen
    3. Komplexe und mehrfache Anfragen
  4. Mit Übersetzern kommunizieren
    1. Special:Notifytranslators
    2. AWB:AutoWikiBrowser
    3. Recruitment banners
    4. Direct-to-translation banners
    5. Donor surveys
    6. Chapter assistance
  5. Banners and Central notice
    1. Banner translations
    2. Localisation and javascript
    3. Special:Translate integration
  6. Appendices
    1. List of Fundraising Pages


{{TNT|Fortius linguarum/TOC}}

(called over {{TNT}} for auto-corresponding languages for translations of this template and languages of pages where it was called)


Each page calls Template:Fortius linguarum/TOC/layout, where defined style and translatable elements.

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