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Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community. Please inform other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. Translations are available.

Nuove funzioni


  • The toolbar is now simpler; all text styles (bold, italics, underline, subscript, etc.) are in the same menu, and the "More" menu is called "Insert". [3]
  • You can now use a basic tool to add special characters to your text. You can add more characters (useful in your language) by editing the MediaWiki interface on
  • The tool to add and edit mathematical text is now called "formula". [4]


  • C'era un problema con lo strumento "Create a book" (Collection); i libri potevano essere esportati solo nel formato PDF. Il cambiamento è stato annullato. [5]
  • The log-in system for external tools ("OAuth") was broken on wikis that tested the new search tool. It was fixed last week. [6] [7]
  • Because of a bug, this newsletter is delivered to users using the new MediaWiki message delivery, and to community pages using the old EdwardsBot. [8]


  • MediaWiki 1.23wmf7 was added to test wikis on December 12. It will be added to non-Wikipedia wikis on December 17 and all Wikipedia wikis on December 19 (calendar).
  • You will soon be able to select the language of SVG images that have translations using a drop-down menu on the image page. (see example) [9]
  • GLAMToolset, a tool to help GLAM groups (like museums) upload many pictures to Commons, will be added to Commons on December 17. [10]
  • Un nuovo namespace Bozza sarà aggiunto a Wikipedia in inglese per semplificare la creazione di nuove pagine. Sarà possibile utilizzare VisualEditor per le bozze se l'utente lo ha abilitato. [11] [12]


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