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פריערדיקער 2013, וואָך 34 (מאָנטיג 19 אויגוסט 2013) נעקסטער

Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community. Please inform other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. Translations are available.

נײַע אייגנשאפטן

  • The previous version of MediaWiki (1.22/wmf13) was added to test wikis and on August 15. It was enabled on non-Wikipedia sites on August 19, and on all Wikipedias on August 22. [1]
  • The latest version of MediaWiki (1.22/wmf14) was added to test wikis and on August 22. It will be enabled on non-Wikipedia sites on August 26, and on all Wikipedias on August 29. [2]
  • You can now use new styles of galleries. Please give feedback to User:Bawolff. [3]
  • You can now visit a random page in a category, for example Special:RandomInCategory/Science. (25931) [4]
  • You can now use the <wbr> HTML5 tag to say where a word can be cut. (52468) [5]
  • Gadget authors: you can now use the wikipage.content hook, so that your scripts are re-run when a page is changed after the document-ready event (for example using Ajax). (30713) [6]

פראבלעמען געלייזט

  • There was a bug where file redirects didn't work when a file was renamed; it is now fixed. There is still an issue with purging, but it should be fixed soon. (52200)
  • Maintenance reports provided by special pages will now all be updated on each wiki every six months. This will for example give you recent information on uncategorized pages, unused templates and most wanted pages (see details).
  • There was a bug that caused false positives for anti-blanking edit filters; it is now fixed. (52077) [7]

VisualEditor news

  • The "edit" and "edit source" tabs and section edit links can now be changed more easily; for example, some wikis are using "edit source" for wikitext editing, and "edit beta" for VisualEditor. You can ask for the same change in bugzilla.
  • You can now edit references that are added inside a <references> block. (51741)
  • You can now test on new basic tools to add and edit struck text (with the VisualEditor - Icon - Strikethrough-a.svg button for the <s> tag), lower text (VisualEditor - Icon - Subscript.svg for <sub>), upper text (VisualEditor - Icon - Superscript.svg for <sup>), underlined text (VisualEditor - Icon - Underline-a.svg for <u>), computer code (VisualEditor - Icon - Code.svg for <code> and <tt>), math text (VisualEditor - Icon - Equation.svg for <math>), Egyptian hieroglyphs (VisualEditor - Icon - Hieroglyphics.svg for <hiero>), and to say that text is in another language (VisualEditor - Icon - Language.svg for lang="ar" dir="rtl"). (51609, 51612, 51611, 51590, 51610, 52352)
  • You can now use VisualEditor with the Opera browser. [8]


  • אנהייבנדיק דעם 26סטן אויגוסט וועט איר קענען ניצן דאטן פון וויקידאטן אויף וויקירייזע וועבזײַטלעך. [9]
  • Starting on August 27, you will also get notifications on the mobile site if you're logged in to a wiki using notifications. [10]
  • Starting on August 28, all users with an account will be using HTTPS to access Wikimedia sites. HTTPS brings better security and improves your privacy. Some countries (like China) will not use HTTPS. If HTTPS causes problems for you, tell us on meta. [11]
  • Starting on August 29, you will get the code editor interface to edit JavaScript and CSS pages on all wikis. [12]
  • The plan to use Solr for search in MediaWiki was changed; instead, Elasticsearch is now planned. [13]

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