Tamazight Wikimedia User Group/Gestion/Reports/Report 2020/2021

Meeting 2020 edit

2020 meeting online, by messenger FB and telegram edit

All activities are online (Covid19)

Meetin on messenger and telegram 09 july 2020 edit

meeting 09/07/2020
  • Add Wikimedia Tamazight as member WikiFranca
  • Discussion strategy - WikiFranca

26 july Editathon meeting edit

meeting 26/07/2020 on messenger
  • Discussion about user group and editahon tacawit online and futur activity and projects (Lingualibre, WikiKsour (Zinou), Month of Amazigh (Ahmed), members (activities, role, event), partenership, charter project, traduction, etc)

to be a member, either participate or organize events according to its group objectives and contribute in Wikimedia projects W related to Tamazight languages or culture (any languages for culture): Accepted by Zinou, Ahmed and Reda.

  • Zinou propose to be coordinator of user group, accepeted by Ahmed houamel and Reda Kerbouche

* All activities are online (Covid19)

3 august meeting on messenger Editathon edit

meeting 03/08/2020
  • Fixe the date for editathon Wiktionary tacawit , activity online
  • Discusion about charter Wikimedia (translation)

16 august meeting edit

meeting 16/08/2020
  • Discussion about editahon Wikitionary tacawit

21 october meeting, charter Wikifranca, on messenger edit

meeting 21/10/2020

Discussion about Wikifranca charter , approuved Zinou, approuved Ahmed, approuved

Reda absent

Contact Anass Sedrati messenger, he approuved Wikifranca charter

Meeting and contact about Strategy edit

  • 31 october

Send email and call phone schedule Discussion about strategy

  • 16 november

Discussion about strategy

Meeting 2021 edit

Wikimedia Tamazight meeting since 2021 Janvier/january

Ahmed present and contact Zerfa members of Board Ass Zerfa and Idhurar, and Teachers Tamazigh from Montreal to explain the mouvement Strategy ; phone and Messenger Talking About

Meeting SWAN january 10 time 19 UTC Discusion about Movement Strategy, Universal code of conduct, global movement issues, etc.



  • 20 March 2021 discussion about Strategy Mouvement Wikimedia , activities, messenger FB and Google meet
  • 16 July 2021, Ahmed Houamel and Ahmed Yahoui , discussion Wikimania.
  • Discussion about WikiArabia 2021 , Ahmed Houamel and Ahmed Yahoui, August-October 2021 , about activities, messenger FB
  • 21 December 2021, discussion about Education, Reading Wikipedia in classroom, Ahmed Houamel and Ahmed Yahoui, messenger FB

Activities edit

January 23 Wiki 20 Countdown/Africa edit

January 23 Wiki 20 Countdown/Africa
See the full video on meta
Our wish to Wikipedia

At this event, we have done a presentation about our project WikiMOOC in Tacawit, also about the history of the user group. In the last minutes of the first hour, we have shown a video from our community wishing happy birthday to Wikipedia.

Call for supporting Apps4Museums edit

All results of the vote are in this link Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group/Apps4Museums.

Mois de la contribution francophone edit

During the month of March 2021 , Editathon in French language, Target tools Project of Wikimedia: Wikipedia French - Wikimedia Commons- Wikidata

Project Wikimedia Commons april 2021 edit

Pictures from Minoterie narbonne Hussein Dey , Algiers by Selma Kasbadji, These files are a donation sent by its author to the Wikimdia project, via the Citizen Heritage Inventory platforms, during an event organized by this for-profit company, which works in the field of safeguarding tangible and intangible cultural heritage. [1] Organizer: Reda Kerbouche

Algiers- cultural heritage-history-architecture

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2021 edit

The User groupe support this event.

ContribuLing edit

January 23 Wiki 20 Countdown/Africa
See the full video on meta

Wiktionary is a lexicographical project of the Wikimedia Foundation, which aims to define all words in all languages. There are more than 150 writing languages1. The term "Wiktionary" refers to the French version of this project, Wiktionary being the official name in English. It is based on a wiki system and its content is freely reusable (under CC-BY-SA).

Presontation about the evolution of the Wiktionary in Tacawit.

Wikimania 2021 edit

Adding content of unknown regions (Algerian experience)


The experiance of traveling around Algeria and uploading the content in Commons and Wikipedia (the algerian experiance). to see the video you have to click on this Youtube Link

Lingua Libre Bot to Shy.Wiktionary.org edit

Lingua Libre Bot

We have worked to integrate the bot to the wiktionary to upload directy the audio recorded in Tacawit in the platforme of Lingualibre. the test of the bot will be done this week.

Video Mooc learning languages edit

Announcement: to look for videographers to do lessons :learning vocabulary

WikiArabaia Algeria edit

  • October 2021
ويكي قاموس

Zino Yahoui and Ahmed Houamel talked about projets : Zino: Ksour Algeria and project Wikimedia Commons and lingualibre. Ahmed Houamel (Wiktionary) : importance of traduction and partnership and lingualibre project.