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It would be nice to know whether the Board talk is going to be translated immediately or not since if it is, we need to plan much shorter talks than if it isn't. If we manage to be organised enough to create slides, perhaps someone could volunteer to translate those before the event as well. Angela 17:37, 18 Nov 2004 (UTC)

I give my personal opinion here: I think it would be best to translate on the spot, i.e. alternating English with Dutch every (few) sentence(s). This reduces "effective" speaking time by half, so it's up to the board members to decide if they'd like that... I don't know whether the location in the Rotterdam library has "simultaneous translation" facilities (with microphones, headsets & the like) - I didn't ask Oscar about that yet - but even then I don't know whether that would be the best option, from the viewpoint of making interpersonal interaction between Board Members and Dutch Wikipedians that don't speak English (and so never visited IRC, don't know exactly who Jimbo Wales is, etc...). To be practical:
  • On nl:Overleg Wikipedia:Symposium/Najaar 2004 both Waerth and Francis have volunteered thus far for helping with translations (maybe some more would, if asked). Oscar volunteered too: see below and content page.
  • Whatever slides that are made available will get translated ASAP. Normally if I have some time I would do so without delay (whatever format: OOo, PPT, PDF,...). If I haven't got time I'd ask Waerth or anyone else that has time); and see to it that the slides are posted somewhere available for Wikipedians, so that translation can be checked/improved.
--Francis Schonken 20:25, 18 Nov 2004 (UTC)
We used consecutive interpretation at the meeting in Paris which seemed to work well.
Yes, that's what I meant (just didn't know that was the term) --Francis Schonken 07:20, 19 Nov 2004 (UTC)
If anyone has any suggestions about what they would like to hear from us, it would be welcome, especially from me since I currently have no idea what I'm going to talk about :) Angela 21:51, 18 Nov 2004 (UTC)
Regard the following as a pre-suggestion (i.e. not even a suggestion as such). Could you have a look at nl:Overleg_Wikipedia:Symposium/Najaar_2004#Input_van_Jimbo_over_Hervormingen_wikipedia_NL (just skip the Dutch: Jimbo's text & the comment about the translation of cabalism are there). The (2nd) agenda has no Dutch speaker about (structural) reforms of Dutch Wikipedia any more. So, it's up to the board members if they want to launch that theme (or not). You might want to hear Jimbo about that, he rather seems to suggest to discuss this (if needed) over a pint of beer. I, on the other hand fear a whole day of meeting avoiding this fundamental topic and discussing it with a too limited group after the meeting.
--Francis Schonken 07:20, 19 Nov 2004 (UTC)


Seeing few reactions up till now Francis tried to draw attention via the Dutch "Village Pump" (nl:Wikipedia:De kroeg). Here are the first ones:

By DanielmEdit


Specifieke vragen heb ik niet. Wat ze wel kunnen doen is een verhaal houden over hoe ze hun positie zien, wat ze voor ons betekenen enz. Verder zou een verhaaltje over hoe ze het project verder zien groeien. De exponentiële groei, die volgens mij wel eens door kan gaan totdat het net zo groot is als Google stelt bepaalde uitdagingen, zowel op technisch vlak (compleet rekencentrum nodig?) als (zo we ondervonden hebben) op samenwerkingsvlak. Danielm 21 nov 2004 10:57 (CET)


I don't have specific questions. What the [Board Members] could tell about is e.g.:

  • How they see their position, what they mean for [nl: Wikipedians], etc...
  • Further, the [Board Member's] story of how they see the further growth of the project. Exponential growth, which in [Daniel's] opinion, could continue till a size comparable with Google is reached, could have some challenges, as well technically (requiring a complete calculation office?), as on the level of co-operation (as [Dutch wikipedians] experienced).

Danielm 21 nov 2004 10:57 (CET) (translation by Francis)

oscar's suggestionsEdit

basically i was thinking that the board members could address the following topics:

  1. wikimedia - the bigger picture
    1. since i found that many users on nl.wikipedia have no idea about even meta, let alone the other projects, i think it would be a good idea to show "the bigger picture"
  2. foundation or some kind of registered organizational form for nl.wikipedia
    1. anthere already did a lot of work on this
oscar 15:38, 21 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Input by AnthereEdit

Hello, thank you very much for setting this page.

It will be easy for Jimbo and Angela to coordinate for what they want to talk about since they will spent the whole week together.

Much harder for me, as I will have no internet connexion next week, but from my work place, where I *do* avoid to connect to Wikipedia and meta (well, I do try, but in truth, I am not very successful :-)).

Since I lost internet connexion at home, I have been mostly working with the outside world, interviews and blogs. This gave me the opportunity to back up a bit, and try to see the big picture rather than daily activities. This was a most welcome *philosophical* break, to reflect on how I saw Wikipedia and other wikimedia projects, and what I hope our project would become in the future.

I would love finding a time to talk about that. This is something I can prepare off line without much trouble. I might even succeed to write down something, though I am really not sure about that ;-)

Now, one big point is just simply... that it would be much easier for me to say it in french than in english ... In this case, Oscar, who is just fluent in french (to the point of knowing slang :-)), could translate it for me. The problem would be Jimbo and Ang understanding, but I might give them a resume of what I say. I must think about this.

Anthere 14:59, 21 Nov 2004 (UTC)

bon ben d'ac ;-) oscar 15:38, 21 Nov 2004 (UTC)
Pour le moment je prendrais Anglais pour dialecte qu'on parle ici. Au symposium: ne te fais pas de problèmes: on traduira en deux langues le cas échéant. Si tu as des préparations en Français, que tu voudrais avoir traduit: il ne faut que demander... --Francis Schonken 15:49, 21 Nov 2004 (UTC)
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