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Thank you User:Olaniyan Olushola (and your colleagues) for this proposal. Before the committee makes a formal review (after the application deadline on October 1) I would like to ask a couple of questions. Feel free to reply here, and also to edit your proposal if you wish.

  • To demonstrate the value of the project proposed, it would be useful if you could link to any current Wikipedia lists/categories and also Wikidata query results that show how much content already exists about your topic; and also to link to any external database/list which demonstrates how much content is available on non-wikimedia platforms currently. This demonstrates that there is work to do, and that the data is available.
Helllo LWyatt (WMF),thank you for your comprehensive review of the proposal and your comments as well, i have included my findings in the proposal.
  • I note that your 'activities' section focuses on content creation, but that your 'measures of success' focuses on training, student editor 'retention' (e.g. continuing to edit after the event). I feel that these two things don't wholly match: Both are good, but it is unclear if your primary aim is the creation of new wikimedians, or new content. Obviously it is good to do both of these things, but I recommend you make it clear in the proposal, and also in your minds - what is the primary purpose of the event.
    I have attended to the question inside the main prosposal.
  • The metric about 'continuing to edit' [after the event] is very difficult to measure because you don't have a timeframe (after a week? a month?) or a level of activity (1 edit? 10 edits a week? joining the UserGroup as a member?). I would recommend against making promises in metrics that you are unable or unwilling to try to measure, especially if you think they are metrics that are for "my" benefit rather than metrics which benefit you.
    I have attended to the question inside the main proposal.
  • How do you intend to recruit these journalists, and, are they expected to be completely new to Wikimedia? Will the first day be focused on teaching them how Wikipedia and how Wikidata works? And the second/third days focusing on content creation? I would like to know if you are confident that you can convince 25 professionals to spend three days with you - that is a lot of time. Perhaps you might prefer to spread the event - so it's not three consecutive days?
    I have started a discussion with a group of journalists in Nigeria, and they are so excited about the idea.
Yes, 80% of the group is new to Wikipedia, while the remaining 20% are not relatively new to the Wikipedia.
Ok, we can spread it as advised ( Addressed inside the proposal)
  • As for the COVID risk assessment outcome - your scores of 12 for risk and 80 for controls place you at the very limit of, but fortunately 'inside', what the WMF policies allow us to accept. As you have stated in 'Will Apply', having a designated contact person, and a contact list for pre- and post- event notifications/tracing (i.e. medical response plan) will improve that mitigation score further. Also, for question 10 - regarding the requirement to use PPE for your attendees. This does not only mean medical-grade equipment - it can be as simple as face masks. Therefore, having a policy that attendees and presenters will wear masks will also improve your score. You could even allocate some portion of your budget to gifts for attendees (usually this means badges or t-shirts - but you could make Wikimedia/Wikipedia masks maybe? - just an idea...).
    It has been addressed inside the proposal.

Sincerely, LWyatt (WMF) (talk) 17:14, 14 September 2020 (UTC)


Hello LWyatt (WMF) ,

My apologies for the delayed observation, i noticed a discrepancy between the amount requested and the total budget figure. The amount requested is expected to be the same as the total budget figure. What do you suggest? Olaniyan Olushola (talk) 03:43, 8 October 2020 (UTC)

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