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Wikimedia Quarto #2 released in five languages!

By Anthere (Florence Devouard), 20 March 2005

The second Wikimedia Quarto, covering the last quarter of 2004, was released on the 19th of March.

The Wikimedia Quarto was begun in September 2004 as the official newsletter of the Wikimedia Foundation. The Quarto's goal is to distribute regular updates about the Foundation's activities as widely as possible, and to provide a forum for Jimbo, the Board, and the projects to report on important events.

The first goal of the Quarto is to publish quarterly in 10 languages, and to include original content related to Wikimedia from project members, essayists, and great thinkers in related fields. The intended audience includes contributors to Wikimedia projects and people interested in Wikimedia Foundation activities.

For this issue, Samuel Klein, Quarto editor-in-chief, tracked down Lawrence Lessig, Stanford law professor, founder and chairman of Creative Commons, and free culturesmith. In a whirlwind session, Lessig talked about copyright, copyleft, barriers to free culture, legal pitfalls for Wikipedia, and fighting the good fight.

The current issue appears much later than initially expected, because of the winter holidays and the dramatic increase in length over the previous issue - more than half again as much text. Ruth Ifcher, Alno, Arnomane, KMT, Li-sung, and the rest of a growing proofreading team helped to clean up the double-length issue. Thanks to Aphaia, the new translation coordinator, and over 50 translators, the Quarto is being released in five languages: Czech, English, Spanish, French, and Italian, with Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and German to be finished over the coming week.

To discuss how the newsletter is published, or the contents of the next newsletter, see the current Quarto talk page. All editors are invited to help build the forthcoming issue, which is expected to be significantly shorter. The Quarto team hopes to focus on improving the different steps of publishing an article, and emphasizing the proofreading stage.

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Minor Revision SuggestionEdit

In the comments about wiki[mp]edia section of Q2, the quote mentioning our "klingon" dedication to npov is attributed to The Register - a popular internet and tech e-zine. As the article in question was an w:Op-ed piece, perhaps it would be wise to change the attribution to the article's author (with optional: (Op-ed piece appearing in The Register)) or simply add (Op-ed) to the current attribution. As far as I grok the register, the consensus of both their editors and readers is generally very positive towards wiki[pm]edia projects. 14:34, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC) ( User:Nsh )

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