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Response by Wiki-uk 13:49, 2 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

Wiki-uk's thoughts on question 2


In all mobile views and apps the visibility and navigability of the categories should be fixed with priority (applies to Commons as well). The template ‘Navbox’ on the English language WP is also still invisible. Because of this readers and editors miss a lot of context and depth when reading about any subject, one of the great benefits of WP. For Commons, a Mobile App should be created that makes browsing and uploading possible. Wiki-uk (talk) 13:49, 2 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

About the categories, perhaps a more visual approach could be created (in mobile and desktop views), like a tree or road structure, with it’s own search and/or browse option. In this way readers can search from the back side for all pages related to a certain topic, reading pages along the way, then return to the path after that and choose to continue or turn back and choose another direction. Wiki-uk (talk) 08:41, 3 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

It would also be an idea to move the sections ‘Influenced’ and ‘Influences by’ in template 'infobox person' to Wiki Data, so that the same kind of visualisation could be applied. Wiki-uk (talk) 08:50, 3 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

Another idea: To integrate all wikimedia projects in one app. Wiki-uk (talk) 08:58, 6 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

Hi, Wiki-uk. You have some very visual ideas there. :) I don't often think that way myself (my head is very text-based, I think), but your thoughts intrigue me. I like the idea of the visual categorization system. Can you tell me more about what you mean by integrating all Wikimedia projects in one app? Do you mean for editing or searching? --Maggie Dennis (WMF) (talk) 12:26, 6 March 2015 (UTC)Reply
Thanks Meggie! It could be for both, but for a start I would say first focus on browsing all projects from the same app, with having to open a separate browser/app when clicking an link to another project. Wiki-uk (talk) 21:24, 10 March 2015 (UTC)Reply
Now that you mention visualization, I feel the option to create pages on Wiki Commons could be made more attractive and user friendly. I have created a few such pages about different subjects here, and I found the result says more than words in these cases. I would like to do something similar with e.g. tourist attractions in India (ideal would be for all countries... and more), but it's a long process of first cleaning up and organizing subcategories before getting it done systematically (this applies to several of the navigation boxes here as well). Perhaps a button 'Add to page...' when browsing through Commons would be an idea. Wiki-uk (talk) 21:53, 10 March 2015 (UTC)Reply
Interesting concepts, Wiki-uk. :) I have logged them in the suggestion bank for review. Thank you! --Maggie Dennis (WMF) (talk) 10:03, 11 March 2015 (UTC)Reply


Roberto Pereira Villaça Response by 01:16, 10 March 2015 (UTC)roberto_villaca@hotmail.comReply

O que pensa sobre a pergunta 1



Translation: Good.

O que pensa sobre a pergunta 1


...concordo com a mesma

Translation: I agree with the same.


Response by 08:32, 10 March 2015 (UTC) علاوه بر افزایش دستگاه ها باید توجه شد که سن استفاده از این دستگاه ها کاهش یافته میانگین سنی دیگر مختص به افراد بالا13نیست بلکه کاربرانی وجود دارند که نیاز مند علم پایه ایی بیشتری هستند وهمین طور کودکان 20 سال پیش که ویکیپدیا را میشناسند اکنون نیاز مند علمی دقیق و منابع پیشرفته تری هستندو به جزعیات بیشتری نیاز منداند بنابراین نیاز کاربرامروز دامنه ایی بسیار وسیع تر از قبل است همچنین برنامه ایی به تمامی زبان مخصوص سیستم های اندروید و...Reply

Machine translation; please improve: In addition to increasing the devices should be noted that the age of these devices has decreased the average age of the dedicated to those over 13, but users are required to have knowledge of basic additional as well as children 20 years ago that Wikipedia know now requires scientific smarter and more advanced resources needed to set the details Mndand Thus, a range much wider than the previous Karbramrvz In addition to all language program for android systems and ...


Response by 19:08, 10 March 2015 (UTC)Reply'ın 1. soru hakkındaki düşünceleri


Mobil cihazlar ve görsel aksesuarlarına uygun yazılımlar geliştirilmeli. Yazılım göz hareketleri ile başlık değiştirmeli, sesli veya beyin sinyalleri ile konu aramalı.

Machine translation; please improve: Software should be developed in accordance with mobile devices and audio accessories. Should change the title to the Software eye movements, voice or issues should call the brain signals.
Machine translation; please improve:'ın 2. soru hakkındaki düşünceleri


Daha hızlı konuların doğruluğu kanıtlanmalı, bilgiler süzgeçlerden geçirilmeli. İstatistiksel bilgilerin her tür grafikle açıklanması eklenmeli

Machine translation; please improve: Faster issues must prove the accuracy of the information should be passed through the filter. Should be added to any type of statistical information disclosed graphics



Response by Shtayner 01:18, 11 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

Shtayner's thoughts on question 1


Прочетох внимателно предоставеното съдържание свързано с настоящите използвани устройства в мрежата,и лавинообразно растящата потребителска маса.Това наистина е най-неочаквания щастлив миг за основателите на WWW,но и неизбежно настоящо и бъдещо бреме за начините и формите посредством които ще трябват да утоляват жаждата за знания на клиентите си.Надявам се,че посредством последните постижения в технологиите ще се справят блестящо,тъй като имат на разположение хиляди висококвалифицирани професионалисти в тая област.Проблем би могъл да бъде супер огромния обем информация,която ще трябва да се форматира за използване от мобилните телефони,а всяка нова такава ще трябва да се създава директно в такъв формат.

Machine translation; please improve: Read carefully the provided content associated with currently used devices on the network, and exponentially growing masa.Tova consumer really is the most unexpected happy moment for the founders of the WWW, but inevitably present and future burden modalities by which you will need to quench their thirst for knowledge of customers si.Nadyavam that through recent advances in technology will handle brilliantly, as have thousands of available highly professionals in this oblast.Problem could be super huge amount of information that will need to be formatted for use of mobile phones, and each new one will have to be created directly in this format.

Shtayner's thoughts on question 2


До тук всичко е ясно и с повечко труд ще се овладее ситуацията.Но относно стратегията за настоящето,близкото и далечното бъдеще е непредсказуема според мен,базирайки се на информацията от многобройни медии за Malvare атаки,кражбите на лични данни и персонални заплахи към клиенти на мрежата.Това е непосилен умствен и физически труд за хилядите специалисти,които трябва да измислят ежедневно контра техники срещу пробиви на защитата в системите.Борбата ще бъде дълга,безпощадна и с неизвестен за сега победител,тъй като условно нареченият противник е с достатъчен коефициент на интелигентност! Не ми е даден дар да пророкувам,но ще поживеем и пострадаме почтено от чудото живот,а времето ще свърши това което трябва. Успокоява ме факта,че не сме първите обитатели на Майката Земя,надявам се,че няма да бъдем и последните!

С уважение към екипът и клиентите на Wikimedia!

Искрено Ваш,shtayner!

Machine translation; please improve: Here everything is clear with plenty of work will be managed situatsiyata.No on the strategy for the present, near and distant future is unpredictable to me, based on information from numerous media Malvare attacks, identity theft and personal threats to customers mrezhata.Tova is unbearable mental and physical labor of thousands of professionals who have to invent daily counter techniques against breaches of the defense sistemite.Borbata will be long, unforgiving and unknown for now winner, as called conditional opponent is sufficient rate intelligence! I am not a gift of prophesy, but'll live and suffer honorable miracle life and time will do what we must. Calms me that we are not the first inhabitants of Mother Earth, I hope that will not be the last! With respect to staff and clients of the Wikimedia! Sincerely, shtayner!


Response by 08:04, 11 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

in my opinion, not only the advanced technology is the trend in the society but also books.

if wikipedia make a book with one of the subjects I mean like about animals, dinosaurs or about the development of the world with the publisher of the book itself is wikipedia, wikipedia can be known by the people. sorry if my thinking is there is no pleasure.



Response by Javadazarakhsh 11:54, 11 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

درود من نظرات خودم را خلاصه میکنم یکم به نظر من باجه های اینترنت در مکان های عمومی گسترش خواهد یافت و مهمتر از آن همه مردم دنیا با استفاده از گوشی های همراه خود بصورت برخط به اینترنت متصل خواهند بود. شما با تخصصی تر کردن اطلاعات می توانید گستره بیشتری از مردم را به جمع ما اضافه نمایید. یعنی اینکه در زمینه های تخصصی تری وارد عمل شوید. هم اکنون مطالب بیشتر عمومی هستند. باید تخصصی تر شوند. دوم اینکه معمولا ویکی مجموعه ای از اطلاعات بایگانی شده را به اشتراک میگذارد و در حوزه آنلاین فعالیت کمتری دارد. مثلا ساعت دقیق پرواز های همه فرودگاه های جهان . یا وضعیت توقف یا کار کردن در لحظه فلان کارخانه یا باز یا بسته بودن در لحظه فلان اداره یا نهاد سوم اینکه بخش خبر را فعال تر کنید تا کسانی که در ویکی هستند نیازی نباشد برای اطلاع از آخرین خبرهای منطقه شهر استان یا کشور خود و یا هر جای دیگری نیاز به رفتن به سایت دیگری داشته باشند و شما باید آخرین خبرهای هر منطقه از جهان را با عکس و فیلم و اطلاعات بروز و درست و صحیح بدن غرض ورزی و رعایت اصل بی طرفی فقط اطلاع رسانی کنید. البته می توان این را گسترش داد که اصل خبر توسط شما منتشر شود و افراد مختلف تحلیل متفاوت خود را در خصوص ان خبر ضمیمه کنند. چهارم. بخش آموزش را در زمینه های مختلف فعال کنید. معلم ها و متخصصین بسیاری در دنیا هستند که دوست دارند علم خود را به اشتراک بگذارند. کلاس های درس ویکی مدیا می تواند در رشته ها زمینه ها موضوعات مختلف در همه جای دنیا دانشجویان را دور هم گرد آورد و کلاس های مجازی تشکیل دهد. حتی می توان مدرک هم پس از پایان دوره ارائه داد. شاید بتوان درآمد خوبی هم کسب کرد. کافی است به عنوان یک مرکز معتبر علمی علوم ارائه شده منطبق بر علوم روز دانشگاهی بوده و اساتید دانشگاه مطالب خود را در ویکی ارائه دهند . وقتی اساتید معتبر در ویکی کلاس درس داشته باشند مدرک ویکی هم معتبر خواهد شد و مردم برای داشتن این مدرک هزینه خوبی هم پرداخت خواهند کرد تا با آن گواهینامه شغل بهتری بدست آورند. پنجم. ارتباط بین کاربران در ویکی ضعیف است. میتوان زمینه ای ایجاد کرد که کاربران ویکی نیاز نداشته باشند در فیس بوک یا اینستاگرام با هم در ارتباط باشند و در همین ویکی می توانند همه نیازهای خود را در این خصوص و در زمینه دوست یابی مجازی و غیره در همین ویکی تجربه کنند. ششم ترجمه اطلاعات درج شده به همه زبان ها. الان تعداد صفحات انگلیسی نسبت به زبان های دیگر خیلی خیلی بیشتر است لذا با ترجمه کردن اطلاعاتی که فقط به زبان های خیلی معروف وجود دارند به همه زبان های کمتر شناخته شده افراد بیشتری از ویکی استفاده خواهند کرد. چون مردم بسیاری هستند که دوست دارند اطلاعات را با زبان مادری خود دریافت کنند که علتهای مختلفی دارد که مهمترین آن ضعف در دانستن زبان بین المللی است. اگر اطلاعات مورد نیاز چنین افرادی به زبان خودشان در ویکی موجد باشد تعداد مراجعات به ویکی چندین برابر خواهد شد. میتوان یک ماشین هوشمند ترجمه مثل گوگل ترانسلیت در ویکی ایجاد و گسترش داد. همانطور که می دانیم وضع ترجمه جمله در نرم افزارهای ترجمه خیلی بد است. ویکی میتواند یک نرم افزار برخط ترجمه متون را گسترش دهد و از توانایی هزاران کاربر به زبان های مختلف برای تکمیل بانک لغاد خود بهره بگیرد. هیچ سایت یا نهاد دیگری اینقدر کاربر با تنوع بالای زبانی در اختیار ندارد. ویکی می تواند از این توان بالقوه برای تکمیل بانک اطلاعاتی یک لغت نامه استفاده نموده و بهترین موتور ترجمه متن را ایجاد کند که هم مراجعه به آن برای استفاده از توان ترجمه اش مخاطبان را زیاد خواهد کرد هم این موتور با ترجمه کردن متن هایویکی به همه سایر زبان ها مخاطبان بیشتری را جذب خواهد کرد. باید ترتیبی اتخاذ شود که وقتی یک کاربر اطلاعاتی را به زبان خودش در ویکی ذخیره میکند بصورت اتوماتیک آن اطلاعات به همه سایر زبان ها نیز ترجمه شده و ذخیره گردد. مثلا وقتی من در زمینه خاصی اطلاعات خاصی را به زبان فارسی در ویکی ذخیره میکنم بصورت اتوماتیک آن اطلاعات به یکصد زبان دیگر ترجمه و بانک آن زبان ها هم ذخیره گردد. در اینصورت بصورت ماتریسی تعداد صفحات و مراجعات به ویکی زیاد خواهد گردید. موفق و پیروز باشید. اگر کمکی از من بر بیاید با افتخار در خدمت شما هستم من جواد آذرخش هستم در ایران زندگی میکنم. من لیسانس برق دارم. فوق لیسانس مهندسی صنایع دارم. و در کنار این رشته ها که مربوط به شغل من است فوق لیسانس جامعه شناسی دارم و در زمینه های ادبیات و شعر، جامعه شناسی، روانشناسی، دین و ادیان مختلف و تاریخ و تاریخ ادیان مطلب می نویسم. باعث افتخار من است که بتوانم به این پروژه عظیم کمک کنم و از مدیران این مجموعه باشم. اما نمیدانم چطور باید جدی تر همکاری نمایم. تلفن همراه من <redacted> است ایمیل های من عبارت است از: <redacted>

لطفا با من تماس بگیرید تا دوستان نزدیکتری برای هم باشیم.نوروزتان پیروز

جواد آذرخش

Machine translation; please improve: I'll summarize my comments. More specific information you can add to our range of more people. That means you go into it in more specialized areas. Entries are now more popular. Should be more specific. Second, the wiki is usually a set of data archives or share online and in less activity. For example, the exact time of flight of all airports in the world. Or status or stop working at a certain moment in time, certain plant or open or closed office or institution with pictures and videos and information updated and correct body bias and impartiality principle inform. IV. Education sector in different fields enabled. Many teachers and specialists in the world who like to share their knowledge. Wikimedia classroom can be in different subjects and areas all over the world and bring students together form a virtual classroom. Even after the end of the document can be provided. Perhaps a good income. Fifth. Poor communication between users of the wiki. Sixth supplementary information translated into all languages. Because there are many people who would like to receive information in their native language, which for various reasons, the most important weakness in the international language. If the information you need such people in their own language is a source wiki wiki reference number will be multiplied. Can an intelligent machine translator like Google Translyt wiki created and expanded. As we know the status of the translation software in the translation is very bad. The wiki can be an online translation software and the ability to develop into many different languages, thousands of users to complete their Lghad banks take advantage. No site or other entity so the user does not have the variety of languages.Other languages ​​will attract more audiences. When I'm in a specific context specific information in Farsi on the wiki I save the information to a hundred automatically translate the language of the store and the bank. If a matrix of reference to wiki pages will be high. Success and luck. If you come help me, I am proud to serve you. Lightning J. Am I live in Iran. I'm a master power. I have a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. It is my pleasure to be able to help this great project, and I am the manager of this collection. But I do not know how to be more serious work. My cell phone <redacted> is My email is: <Redacted>  Please contact me to friends close to the Bashym.nvrvztan win, J. Lightning

Vyacheslav Shengur


Response by Vyacheslav Shengur 13:07, 11 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

Vyacheslav Shengur's thoughts on question 1


In my understanding mobility means to be constantly on-line, be aware of the most recent developments, see them, to understand, to watch them. But there is a problem. More people - more information. AI algorithms in the company need to understand the needs of users and not clog their brains with unnecessary data. That data. Information should also benefit. Let the people and any suspected watch, but this is the way to a better understanding of each, helping him.

Vyacheslav Shengur's thoughts on question 2


First - all projects also continue to be sponsored not by advertising. No advertising. This is a road to nowhere. By its absence and the great trust of the people. Do not let people. The second - to try to make learning for people to get them to read. Perhaps five or seven articles per day on various topics, expand horizons. "Favorites" gradually disappearing. Few people back to this tab because of the abundance of data. Information should be available to them in the brain online. People have to re-teach a lot of reading. Twitter relax them. Maybe I would like to see the audio service. For each region, and language. Would be very convenient. And the third - the wiki as a whole becomes less friendly. He seems to be is out of fashion. Functionality is not affected, but people love the eyes. And new users will immediately fall in love in the first second this global project.


Response by 09:57, 12 March 2015 (UTC)Reply رأيك بالسؤال الأول


يجب ان نرى موقع ويكيبديا على جميع أنظمة التشغيل في العالم مثل التلفاز الذكي وغيرها من الانظمة الحديثة مثل ايضا الساعات الذكية واي تقنية او نظام حديث يظهر يجب ان يكون لموقع ويكيبديا بصمة له سواءً لتطبيق او توافق الصفحة مع الجهاز او اي وسيلة تروها انتم سليمة وفائدة نشر ويكيبيدا في جميع أنظمة أو منصات التشغيل في العالم هو نشرهـ ليعرفه اكبر قدر ممكن من الناس ليساهمو في توسيع الموسعة وزيادة عدد مقالاتها لتصبح مرجع لنا وللجيل القادم واللا الابد ان شاء الله في النهاية لا يسعني الا ان اقوووووووووول احبك يا موسوعة ويكيبديا الرائعة

Machine translation; please improve: We must see site Wikipedia on all operating systems in the world, such as Smart TV and other modern systems such as too smart Wi Technology hours or modern system shows must have site Wikipedia imprint him whether to apply or page compatibility with the device or any means see her you are healthy and useful deployment and Akebeda in all systems or operating platforms in the world is published to know as much as possible from people Asahmu in extended expand and increase the number of articles to become a reference for us and for the next generation and non forever, God willing, in the end I can only Aqowoowoowool love you Encyclopedia wonderful Wikipedia رأيك بالسؤال الثاني


أرجو منكم تفعيل الاعلانات وهذا لمصلحة الشبكة ولمصلحتنا نحتاج الى موقع ويكيبديا يجب أن يوجد دخل دائم لموظفين ويكيبديا لتوظيف موظفين يساهمون في تطوير لغة مقالاتها الموجودة في ويكيبديا قليلة مثل اللغة العربية نحتاج الى مقالات اكثر لأن المقالات قليلة وليست في الحد المطلوب نشكر كل من ساهم لاكن رؤيتنا اكبر من عدد المقالات المتوفرة الآن

Machine translation; please improve: I hope that you activate the ads and this for the benefit of the network and in our interest, we need to site Wikipedia, there must be a permanent income for employees and Wikipedia to hire employees contribute to the development of her articles in Wikipedia, a few such as Arabic language we need to articles more because a few articles and not in the desired limit thank all those who contributed to the I Vision greater than the number of articles available now



Response by Mr.aguero1905 16:49, 12 March 2015 (UTC)Reply

Mr.aguero1905'ın 1. soru hakkındaki düşünceleri


Akıllı telefonllara daha gelişmiş uygulamalar gerekmekte. Çünkü yeni gelecek olan bir milyar kullanıcı çoğunlukla akıllı telefon veya tablet kullanacaklar. Bunun içinde bilgileri akıllı telefon markalarıyla anlaşıp o telefonlara tüm wikimedia ve wikipedia'nın bütün verilerini oraya yüklemek ve insanları bilgilendirmek en iyisidir.

Machine translation; please improve: Intelligent need to telephone to more advanced applications. Because a billion users will mostly will use the new smartphone or tablet. It negotiates with the smartphone brand in the information to install it there all the data and all wikimedia wikipedia and to inform people of the phone is the best.

Mr.aguero1905'ın 2. soru hakkındaki düşünceleri


Hem görsel hemde yazı ile süslenmesi gereken projeler olmalıdır. Tabiki bunun yanında şuanki yapılmış projeleri düzenlemek gerekebilir.

Machine translation; please improve: Both projects should be visually embellished with text in both. Of course, you may need to edit its current conducted projects as well.
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