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WikiAbstract, a collection of abstracts and summaries of books, inspired by a commercial service[1]. this would be far too much material to incorporate it in a wikipedia article, so it should be stored in a different project and linked from wikipedia, and, if the complete text is also free, from WikiSource.-- 15:45, 28 October 2006 (UTC)Reply



Please read my proposal for a project entitled "WikiWorldJournals" and PLEASE leave feedback, let me know what you think, and hopefully support it. See it here:



I am a thesis student looking at the behaviors of people and how they interact and learn within their environments. The object of my thesis project is to create a method for people to share their learned experiences to one another through a taxonomic archive. If Wiki is the connection to foster all those experiences, allowing people to learn through interactive experience the value of people to people sharing to one another becomes a commodity.

If you could learn anything you wanted no matter what it was in any way possible interactive, textual, visual mapping, interactive experience, numerically, through storyboard, image bound etc... then the possibilities of learning information for understanding are limitless...the trick is, how can wiki be the catalyst or the HUB for all types of learning and connect all information in a platform for new universal learning where content isn't limited to basic methods.. i.e reading text, image source, youtube videos etc.. if we understand people and peoples ideas or experiences with a greater meaning...then understanding becomes the new............... this part is up to you. the idea is simple...the project goal is "fostering learning through any tool" is wiki going to strategize their methods of knowledge retrieval for the expanding knowledge base that accesses wiki... to contact me about opportunities, insights, involvement, collaboration please do so at.

Request for a Urdu Wikiscience


Dear Sir, My name is Afraz and I came to you with a request to start a Wikiscience in Urdu language. Angela have guided me to request here, my talk with Angela CAN BE SEEN HERE. According to the suggestion of Angela, I have tried my best to work on science topics at the Urdu Wikipedia, an example of my work can be seen in the science category taht is cmopletely DONE BY ME. But I strongly believe that a SEPARATE Urdu Wikipedia just for science is absolute necessity. Name can be Urdu Wikiscience, or any if you suggest another one.

  • I take the full responsibility of keeping the high standard of the contents.
  • I will do my best to make science easy and correct, that can change and improve the minds and life style of people.
  • I will do my best to popularize all the different wikimedia projects too.
  • I will keep all the minute details of scientific terminology both in Urdu and equivalent English in front of Urdu term in brackets.

Please reply here on the same page or at my User page at Urdu wiktionary. Thank You, Afraz MD PhD

Wouldn't it be more practical just to expand Urdu wikipedia? Besides, this is a global community, you don't have to do the whole thing alone.

If this wikiscience idea you talk about implies writting stuff from primary sources instead of published material, I don't think starting with Urdu would be a good idea. This site would grow faster if the first version is in English, so that the whole world can coperate and expand the site, and then, as soon as you can, an Urdu Wikiscience would be easier to create.

I also speak English as second language, but I know geting editors for wikitainment in spanish would be a lot harder, so I started Wikitainment in English.

Now, if Wikiscience's scope is only to create more articles from secondary sources, wikipedia is already supposed to do that, so such site wouldn't make sense at all.--T-man 22:22, 20 December 2006 (UTC)Reply

Why is a SEPARATE Urdu Wikipedia just for science an absolute necessity?--T-man 22:24, 20 December 2006 (UTC)Reply

Independent Projects


I would like to do an independent Wiki project with the wikimedia software! I have a great idea but only loosely want to associate it with wikipedia (links to information and such). Once it is complete, how can I advertise it? Can I advertise here on Wikipedia or is that a no no? There would be great interest to have my Wiki linked to from wikipedia in a lot of locations! Could I just start adding links to my new Wiki in Wikipedia? What about advertising? Am I limited to non-profit status as long as I am using wikimedia software? By the way, my idea does not really fit in with the encyclopedia matrix and that is why I want to start a new site but would still like to link lots of wikipedia articles and topics.

Advertising on Wikipedia is not O.K. If you go to an article such as Europe and you have an article about Europe in your wiki project you can add a link to it under External links at the bottom. Also log in, to register as an account. You may not link your website to a Wikipedia article unless it has something to do with that article like you can't put a resource on Brazil in a United States page. eebark 02:46, 15 December 2006 (UTC)Reply

Proposal: Pig Latin Wikipedia


Hi, I and a couple of friends are interested in starting a Pig Latin version of Wikipedia, called "Ikipediaway". Can you please create this wiki at Thanks. AddedImage 22:45, 6 March 2007 (UTC)Reply

This proposal has already been rejected at Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Pig Latin. Angela 02:55, 7 March 2007 (UTC)Reply

at user's election, advertising to support Wikimedia


I would like to have the option of seeing advertising while viewing Wikimedia pages as a way to support its cause. Perhaps the user could choose between advertising from Google, Yahoo!, Wikia, etc. I know forcing advertising on users has been rejected, but what if they're okay with it (no pop-ups, flash, etc.)?

Proposal: Wikirioke?


wouldnt it be great to have a wikipedia project about lyrics? organized by song, artist or album?

Proposal: Holocaust & Genocide


I was hoping that wikipedia may be able to make a section for Holocaust & Genocide as either a project or portal. I thought that it might be part of the Military project of the History section. Looking for assistance with this. Thanks. I would appreciate comments & assistance to be left on my talk page [[2]]. I hope to hear from you soon. Eric Rodrigues.

Proposal: WikiJoke


A lot of the e-mail we get is jokes. Wouldn't it be great to have an online catalogue of jokes? Most people would prefer jokes to encyclopedic articles wouldn't they? -Weedrat 10:02, 12 May 2007 (UTC)Reply

I think that is something for Wikia. SPQRobin 14:45, 12 May 2007 (UTC)Reply
I think it is a good idea. NuttyGorilla 23:44, 17 March 2008 (UTC)Reply

Proposal: WikiProverb


Please make "WikiProverb".
Proverb is wisdom.

Do you know a Japanese proverb "nakute-nanakuse - 無くて七癖"?
"船頭多くして船山に登る" means "Too many cooks spoil the broth." in Japanese.

I think this falls under wikiquote. user:aozeba

Merge WeRelate with Rodovid?


What's the guideline to follow? Both proposals are exactly the same with differnt names?

Plese remember that we don't need voting (voting is not aloud in any Wikimedia wiki), we only to reach concensus to determine what's the guideline to follow and how to approach it better.--T-man 01:53, 24 June 2007 (UTC)Reply

Proposal: Wikigenealogy, Wikifamily


Hi, this is my first post on a Wiki, so please do not get angry if it's in the wrong place :o) My idea is rather simple: create a humanity-wide family tree. People would enter their own family trees, governments could enter archives of marriages, births, funerals etc. Ideally in the end, you would have people discovering ancestors, distant relatives, etc. going back to Adam and Eve, and everybody being cousins :o) So, why would we want to do that? 1. The opportunities for knowledge are great, both on a personnal level (learning more about who your distant cousins & ancestors were, where they came from) and on a public level (showing the ties between people who are famous enough to have their own wikipedia page) 2. A lot of people out there are probably looking to figure out their own roots (people who were displaced, who emigrated in bad conditions, etc.). This could help them. 3. The same way Wikipedia does a leap from a publisher controlled knowledge to a people's controlled knowledge, this project would make a leap in the definition of what knowledge is: not only being able to look up very famous people, but also individuals, at first through their most important features (years and places of birth and death, number of marriages, and kids) but why not in the long term to other features of this person's life. 4. Showing how people around the world are connected is a great metaphor for what the web does

What are the obstables to this project? 1. vandalism, with people putting themselves as beoing Oprah's daughter and married to Brad or Angelina, but there's already that problem with Wikipedia, and that is managed. 2. Civil liberties: the information should only be publicly available information, through government held registrars, books, etc. 3. To be really cool, this project would need to move beyond wikis, not in the editing process, but in the way to explore the family tree. Some kind of graphic interface would be nice, but I have no idea whether it is possible...

Ok, I hope this interested somebody


Wikitainment : mailing lists


I still need some advise on how to create a demo page for my proposals.--T-man 02:06, 19 October 2006 (UTC)Reply

Not an immediately easy thing. Does incubator: allow that? -- 12:39, 19 October 2006 (UTC)Reply
I think the Incubator is only for new versions in different languages of existing projects like wikipedia or wiktionary.--T-man 02:46, 20 October 2006 (UTC)Reply

I know it might be hard work, but right know I'm really commited to Wikitainment Guides and Wikshelf.

Wikitainment would finally take the controversy of werther to include or not entertainment related articles, such as episode or character articles, away from Wikipedia. At the same time it would make wikipedia look more professional and aloud entertainment related content to be *reasonably* expanded. Wikitainment would also follow most of Wikipedia policies such as no POV, imparciality, reliable and verifieble sources, writting guidelines differing only a little in article organization and content.

So in order to achieve all of that, I really need help to create a demo. Oh, and also one of those "links to original proposal on mailing list". Any help would be deeply appreciated, I don't even know where are the instructions to crate such things. --T-man 20:11, 19 October 2006 (UTC)Reply

I made some corrections to the Porposal page, I know that since it is my idea I'm supposed to take the lead, however I'm afraid that if I make the project too "mine" editors might loose interest. I feel I'm monopolizing the project too much. Maybe a To do box might help the situation, but I don't know. I need the help of an experienced page designer.--T-man 23:31, 19 October 2006 (UTC)Reply

Wikitainment Guides finally has a Demo at, now I only need the mailing list thing.--T-man 03:58, 21 October 2006 (UTC)Reply

Proposal: WikiRecycle


wikiasite:annex ( - already does what was suggested. - already exists and seems to have some articles (content) in it. - already exists and is parked by someone

The proposed idea does not seem to be of any use at this point.

Proposal: WikiMovies


Also possibly known as WikiFilms. I was thinking that a movie site with content comparable to IMDb, but in the style of Wikipedia, would be a good idea. I was reading the Trivia and "Goofs" pages for a few movies, and I saw a lot of duplication, and a lot of unverified "urban myths", many of which aren't true. With enough users and support, Wikipedia's style of information management and accountability could get around this annoyance. I have very little experience starting such projects myself, but I hope that someone who's good at that sort of thing might be inspired by my idea and get the ball rolling. - UglinessMan 09:26, 25 February 2008 (UTC)Reply

Proposal: Wikiflashcards


How come there is still no Wikiflashcards? Or let's put it this way: Why does Wikimedia think that a Wikiflashcards is not worth it? --Trozko 09:27, 1 May 2008 (UTC)Reply

Just because we don't already have something, doesn't mean we don't think it worthwhile. It could just be that no one's proposed it yet. I think flashcards would be a great addition to our Wikibooks project. -- 16:45, 2 May 2008 (UTC)Reply

Proposal: Wikilangs


I feel it would be useful to have an entire Wiki project devoted to language databasing. If SIL International would start using this wiki to make full grammars of languages they have recorded, it would increase awareness about dying languages and help people who want to learn a language that does not have resources readily available.

Note: I think I mentioned this but I'll say it again; these would be full grammars, not just encyclopedia articles.

Thank you!

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