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Moving some pointsEdit

When is the meeting going to be on?
I imagine you found it difficult to compromise with all those times!
Also, can they use the Wikinews alternative for those who can't log in through IRC, or who otherwise don't want to?

--Bronwyn Gannan 03:12, 12 February 2006 (UTC).

Comms ToolsEdit

Guys. I've set up a Skypecast room. The link is on the Comms Proj page. Bottom right. Warning It's in beta. I'll be opening this next year for anyone who sees this approach as useful. You could of course set up your own for the chapters. But I'm trying to get just one used at the moment by all WMFers as a way to see which of these types of virtual rooms is most useful. The idea is to have a standard "channel(s)" to communicate across the project and group 'silos'. Am trying to save everyone from duplicating their efforts by just focussing on one tool at a time.

I can send you a password for it so we have a small group of 'keyholders' who can host each group's sessions, and perhaps by coordinating sessions, share what's going on easily in a more coordinated and timely manner.

I'd also be interested in what other comms tools you might see as useful. As the core committee for trying to coordinate the development of WMF organizational stuff, on a global basis, you really are the guinea pigs here. If a tool works for your group, it's likely it'll be relevant for everyone else. So please give it a whirl. The faster you, as a group, say yes or no to each of these tools, the faster we can offer them as a defacto comms standard to other WMFers.--Simonfj 23:26, 22 December 2007 (UTC)

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