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To doEdit

Before the semester ends:

  1. Outreach resources to be done before the semester ends
    • To figure out how to print those things in Brazil instead of bringing from US! (the reimbursement thing is awful for Tom)
    • Basic text for students on Wikipedia: We need some one dedicated to do a fancy design and we have to have some simple, clean and cheap resources to distribute to students! It doens't need to be colored and in an expensive paper, but focused on the main points students should learn to engage into Wikipedia activities
    • Basics text for professors on the WEP: simple text (but fancy and with the key website WP:PT:WP:WU) and fancy to outreach more professors
    • Basic text for attracting new ambassadors (CA and OA): very basic text explainning what an ambassador does and how he or she can join us!
  2. Define precise rules for those who will join us
    • Change Professors Recruitment methodology: Open a call for projects to be submitted to us so we'll select the ones we're going to support?
  3. Document very well about the program for new professors understand what the WEP is about
    • Help page
    • (in Portuguese!)
  4. Expanding
    • Start trainning new ambassadors (without enough ambassadors, experience has taught it's silly to aim unbearable goals)
    • Have a good idea of the infra-structure on universities we are going to work with
    • Checklist about each essential item for the program

NOT to doEdit

  1. professors without time
  2. accept a course without one single campus ambassador, despite professor excitement (what about when we have only one?)


  1. Contact fields more interested in the program
    • Library science researchers and students have shown a huge interest in Wikipedia and more generally the wiki platform
  2. Wikipedia clubs at universities
  3. Online courses
    • Huge expansion of elearning courses at Brazilian universities in recent years to meet the demand
    • Prepare online courses that include tasks on Wikipedia


  1. loose a single campus ambassador in the last moment
  2. conflict with actual Wikipedia community: newbies don't be well received by wikipedians and run away from the site after the semester ends
  3. professor loose interest in Wikipedia if something goes wrong
  4. Strikes can interfeer on the schedule we have set with professors


are we allowed to discuss this because we are already in a talk page?OTAVIO1981 (talk) 22:22, 18 May 2012 (UTC)

Sure! Just open a topic and discuss, you don't need ask. :) --Tom (talk) 22:59, 18 May 2012 (UTC)
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