Tacawit awal/2019

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The Tacawit Awal

It is a contest directly related to the Wiktionary and to the Tacawit language. the first edition will begin in 2018. The concept of this contest is similar to the Edit-a-thon and other contest doing for Wikipedia, every participant can add the number of words in Tacawit that he wants. the goal of the contest is to collect the largest number of the words, to save the language and to put it online for all that is interested in.

Who can participate?

All how wants to participate in this contest are welcome, even if you don't speak Tacawit (you will need only a dictionary in this language). Our participant can leave in any country from the diaspora or other ethnicity. All ages and genders are welcome.

How to participate?
Step one - learn how to contribute.

If you are an experimented user of the wiki projects, it will be easy for you. otherwise, if you are a new contributor, you need to passe our MOOC of 5 videos or to take part in one of our workshops to learn how to add a word in the incubator by PC and mobile.

Step two - rules.

You have to read the rules of the contest, to know how the organizers will award the points for each word add. And to know how to put these words in the table of the participants.

Step three - participate and win.

At the end of the contest, you can see the winners in this page.