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    Example Goals: Choose 1 to 3

    The top program goals for editathons from the Evaluation Reports beta
    • Increasing contributions
    • Increasing skills for editing/contributing
    • Recruitment of new editors/contributors
    • Increasing positive perceptions of Wikimedia


    • Total # of participants
    • # of female participants
    • # of return participants
    • # of new users
    • # of articles created or improved
    • # of good and featured articles created or improved
    • # of participants editing X months after the event
    • # of participants who are active editors (5 edits/month) X months after an event

    (Learn more about Global metrics and see a checklist for gathering event metrics)


    • Wikimetrics: Tracks user contributions at different points in time. Remember to collect participant usernames!
    • Wikimetrics Training: Wikimetrics learning module.
    • Survey Resources: Survey resources, including a training module for the Qualtrics survey software.
    • Logic Model: A visual representation of an editing program. A Logic Model includes what you put into your program (resource inputs), what you do (program activities and participation), and what you plan to achieve (program outputs and resulting outcomes).
    • TreeViews: This page explains how to calculate monthly view statistics for a list of pages.

    How-to Guides


    Learning Patterns


    Learning patterns are created by volunteers and based on experience and evidence. They're short and helpful resources you can use when planning your event.

    • Afterparty tells you why it's important to have a post-event get together to celebrate your achievements.
    • Cookies by the exit reminds you to the importance of surveying participants to see what you can do better next time.
    • Fostering affinity groups is important, so women can feel comfortable contributing to Wikipedia together without an worries.
    • Organizing childcare during a Wikimedia Event
    • Icebreaker explains why it's important to have everyone get to know each other at the start of your event.
    • Informal venue discusses how you can have a successful event anywhere, whether it's a coffee shop or a casual environment without formal planning.
    • Let the media know provides easy ways to promote your event so more people hear about it.
    • Mix newcomers and veterans discusses why it's important to have newbies and experienced editors together at an event.
    • Photographic evidence explains why it's important to take photographs!
    • Repeat events: Don't just have one event and never have another — have multiple to attract more regular editors and help sustain contributors to Wikipedia.
    • Safe space policies are used to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time at your event.
    • Six account limit: Did you know you can only make six new accounts via one IP at a time? So if your event has lots of new potential editors who don't have accounts, here's how you can make new accounts without worry.

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