Migrate to global user page

request done:
Murma174 (global account · recent activity · user pages)
  • go to User:Murma174 on every wiki (except on dewiki, metawiki, frrwiki, specieswiki)
  • and delete the page.
request_user = u'Murma174',
request_title = u'User:Murma174',
request_action = lambda bot: bot.delete(),
skip_existing = False,
skip_new = True,
skip_unregistered = False,
skip_wikis = ['dewiki', 'metawiki', 'frrwiki', 'specieswiki'],
only_wikis = [],
delete_summary = None,
edit_summary = None,

Murma174 (talk) 17:05, 23 February 2015 (UTC)

Done! 163 user pages were deleted.
The following log shows what the bot did on each wiki. You can click the columns to sort the log.
timewikilogged action
01:57commons.wikimedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 62 bytes).
01:57incubator.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 66 bytes).
01:57www.mediawiki.orgdeleted (was 28 bytes).
01:57meta.wikimedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
01:58wikisource.orgdeleted (was 31 bytes).
01:58species.wikimedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
01:58ten.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58test2.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:58test.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58aa.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:58ab.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58ace.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58af.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58ak.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58als.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58am.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:58an.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58ang.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58ar.wikipedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 26 bytes).
01:58arz.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:58as.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:58ast.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58ay.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58az.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58ba.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58bar.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
01:58bat-smg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58be.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58be-x-old.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:58bg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:58bi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:58bn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 40 bytes).
01:58bo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:59de.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 73 bytes).
01:59en.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 66 bytes).
01:59fy.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
01:59br.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59bs.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
01:59bxr.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:59ca.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59cbk-zam.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:59cdo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
01:59ce.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:59ceb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:59chr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:59ckb.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:59co.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:59cs.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59csb.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:59cu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
01:59cv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59cy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59da.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 66 bytes).
01:59www.wikidata.orgdeleted (was 60 bytes).
01:59de.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
01:59diq.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59dsb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59dv.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:59el.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
01:59en.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 687 bytes).
01:59eo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
01:59es.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:00et.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00eu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 47 bytes).
02:00ext.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00fa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00ff.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00fi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00fo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00fr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00frr.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
02:00fy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 94 bytes).
02:00ga.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00gag.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00gd.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00gl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00glk.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00gn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00gu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 31 bytes).
02:00gv.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00haw.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00he.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 25 bytes).
02:00hi.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00hif.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:00hr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00hsb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00ht.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00hu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00ia.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00id.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:00ik.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01ilo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01io.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01is.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:01it.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:01iu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:01ja.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:01jbo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01jv.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01ka.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:01kab.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01kbd.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01kg.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01kk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 52 bytes).
02:01kl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01km.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01kn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01ko.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:01krc.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01ksh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:01ku.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01kv.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01kw.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01ky.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01la.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:01lb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
02:01lbe.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:01lez.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 52 bytes).
02:01li.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 66 bytes).
02:01lij.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:01lmo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 31 bytes).
02:02lt.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02ltg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:02lv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:02wikimania2013.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02wikimania2014.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 31 bytes).
02:02wikimania2015.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02mhr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:02min.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02mk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1318 bytes).
02:02ml.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:02mn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02mo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02mr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:02ms.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02my.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:02mzn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02nah.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:02nap.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02nds.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:02nds-nl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 66 bytes).
02:02ne.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:02de.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 45 bytes).
02:02en.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
02:02ru.wikinews.orgskipped (no such page).
02:02nl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 66 bytes).
02:02nn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:02no.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:03nov.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:03nrm.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03nso.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03nv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 48 bytes).
02:03oc.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:03os.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03pa.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:03pcd.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03pdc.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:03pfl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:03pi.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:03pih.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03pl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:03pms.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:03ps.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03pt.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:03de.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
02:03en.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
02:03la.wikiquote.orgskipped (no such page).
02:03li.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03lt.wikiquote.orgskipped (no such page).
02:03rm.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:03rmy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:03rn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:03ro.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:03roa-rup.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:04ru.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 72 bytes).
02:04rue.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:04rw.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:04sa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:04sc.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04scn.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04sco.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:04se.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04sh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 8 bytes).
02:04si.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:04simple.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:04sk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:04sl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:04sn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:04so.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04cy.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04de.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
02:04en.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
02:04fo.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04fr.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04it.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04la.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
02:04li.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 43 bytes).
02:04nl.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04sk.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04sv.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04uk.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04sq.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:04sr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
02:04ss.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:05stq.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:05sv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 54 bytes).
02:05sw.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:05szl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05ta.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05te.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05th.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:05tl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:05to.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:05tpi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:05tr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 29 bytes).
02:05tt.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05tw.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05ty.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:05udm.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:05ug.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05uk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 31 bytes).
02:05ur.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05uz.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05vec.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:05vep.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05cs.wikiversity.orgskipped (no such page).
02:05de.wikiversity.orgdeleted (was 51 bytes).
02:05en.wikiversity.orgdeleted (was 45 bytes).
02:05vi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:05vls.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:06vo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:06de.wikivoyage.orgdeleted (was 31 bytes).
02:06en.wikivoyage.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06war.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:06wo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:06xh.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06xmf.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:06yi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:06yo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06zea.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:06zh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:06zh-classical.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
02:06zh-min-nan.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 26 bytes).
02:06zh-yue.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06de.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 44 bytes).
02:06en.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 47 bytes).
02:06fr.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06fy.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 47 bytes).
02:06ga.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06li.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 41 bytes).
02:06nds.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06or.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06ru.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
02:06yi.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 45 bytes).
Pathoschild 02:14, 28 February 2015 (UTC)