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Project Tiger Writing Contest Organizers


Didn't find your home Wikipedia? Sign up below to be the local organizer! Create a Project Tiger page and link it here. Provide the following details.














Please sign up below if you would like to volunteer as a national level jury for all languages. This will help us do random quality checks across all languages to ensure fair standard of competition.

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  • Before March 01, 2018
    • Set-up an event page on local Wikipedia, then put the link to your local event page in the meta contest page. (You can use this well-designed sample page, localized this template is required).
    • Translate the rules into your language. Discuss on the talk page if you need clarification or change of rules.
    • Call a few Wikipedians to join you as local organizers and/or jury members.
    • Post an invitation message on the village pump, mailing list, Site Notice, and community social media channels.

During contest

  • March 2018 to May 2018
    • Verify and accept articles submitted to the fountain tool according to the rules.
    • Declare list of Top 3 prize winners at the end of every month.
    • Continue to publicize the event in community channels and encourage participation
    • Coordinate and encourage onsite edit-a-thons.

Best practices for promotion

  • People feel good to know their work is noticed and received with gratitude.
    • Thank participants (through the edit history thank link) for every single article they create.
    • Award barnstars for most active participants.
    • Share interesting articles on FB and Twitter pages for the contest and tag the users who created them.
  • Create a site notice announcement for both logged in and anonymous users.
  • Leave a personal message in talk pages inviting potential participants who have contributed well in past edit-a-thons. Most editors may not have noticed the general announcements and may not have a good understanding of the contest. The personal message will receive a better response if it is lengthy explaining the significance of the contest and how each one can make a difference. Here is a sample message left by User:Ravidreams in Tamil Wikipedia.
  • Publicize the contest stats, so there is a healthy spirit of competition between communities.
  • Identify topics of interest for specific editors and bring it to their notice through talk page messages. For example, if a user is interested in biology or history, she is more inclined to participate in the contest if she can spot such topics with ease.
  • Add more coordinators, jurors, and organizers, so there is a shared sense of championing for the contest.
  • Be available through various communication channels so participants can clarify their doubts quickly.
  • Post interesting topics above Recent Changes feed so editors can have visibility and reminders to the contest.
  • Post regular updates in the village pump about the contest.


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Participating communities

See main page for list.