Support, Safety and Programs

Support, Safety and Programs was a team at the Wikimedia Foundation in FY 16-17, combining the existing Support and Safety team with the Programs team. Programs was originally part of the now-defunct Program Capacity and Learning team and was housed with Support and Safety until a Lead Programs Manager could be hired and onboarded.

Support and Safety

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Support and Safety (SuSa, formerly Community Advocacy) serves the Wikimedia Foundation, contributors and the public by providing support on Foundation initiatives with a focus on community consultations, governance, and training, and by addressing trust and safety concerns including around appropriately escalating threats communicated on our projects and helping to safeguard the safety of attendees of Wikimedia Foundation supported events.


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The Programs team supports shared learning for growing core programs, especially Wikipedia Education Programs, The Wikipedia Library, and the initiatives of GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)

The team supports programs and program leaders. Here are some examples of work this team does:

  • Tools and supporting technology for core programs
  • Recruitment, retention, and development of peer mentors
  • Learning and knowledge-sharing tools
  • Connecting institutional partners with community members
  • Mapping the outcomes of Wikimedia Programs to learn their impact on the world

Some projects the team is working on are:

  • Programs and Events Dashboard
  • Education Collaborative
  • Library Card
  • GLAM white paper.