Narrative of the recommendations

In order to fulfill the Strategic Direction of becoming the essential support system of the ecosystem of free knowledge, the Wikimedia Movement must have the people and resources required for it to thrive and grow. Ensuring the sustainability of our Movement is required for enabling all other recommendations.

We recognize that our Movement is people-centered and will make changes in our culture and structures to address the needs and challenges of present participants as well as emerging and future communities. For everyone to feel welcome, we will embrace diversity and actively work to remove barriers to improve the user experience for consumption and contribution of free knowledge. Ensuring safety will be crucial for inclusion and healthy participation.

Our Movement’s strategic aspirations will only be possible if there is openness for redistribution of power structures in the offline community and a Movement-wide recognition of our accountability to each other. Equitable distribution of power and resources demands new thinking about how resources are generated, allocated and efficiently used, with accountability and transparency. Based on the principles of subsidiarity and self-management, we will encourage everyone to make their own decisions in their context. This will require a deliberate focus to improve coordination and knowledge management at all levels of the Movement. Distribution of power, equity, and empowerment of communities will only be successful with a significant investment in skills development and leadership.

The continuous production of high-quality content has always been the focus of our volunteer-based Movement and will continue to be. To reach knowledge equity and knowledge as a service, we will consider the impact of our content more strategically and innovate how it is collected, presented, and consumed. We will explore and integrate new formats of capturing and sharing knowledge into existing and new domains of content production and projects.

Because we aspire to global impact, we envision our Movement as self-aware and dynamic, able to continuously evaluate, learn and adapt. This way our Movement will be able to include and welcome diverse perspectives and get closer to sharing the sum of human knowledge.


  1. Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement
  2. Improve User Experience
  3. Provide for Safety and Inclusion
  4. Ensure Equity in Decision-making
  5. Coordinate Across Stakeholders
  6. Invest in Skills and Leadership Development
  7. Manage Internal Knowledge
  8. Identify Topics for Impact
  9. Innovate in Free Knowledge
  10. Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt

What's Changed


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