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name of group French Wikipedia
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Wikipedia
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 57

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# Statements Keywords
1 Give interest to smaller Wikis and do not focus on large Wiki project only and work to the rise of interwiki. On the other hand, the boundary between wikipedia and wikinews needs to be redefined, as the wikinews tools have never taken off. Consulnico, Sergio1006 interwiki, minority
2 Think of contributors who can serve as a bridge between all languages and summarize / relaunch discussions. This might unite the community at international level. Consulnico multilingualism, inter-wiki, internationalization
3 Make widely accessible our know-how by documenting our actions, our way of using softwares, tools, and statistics, etc. Consulnico productivity, reuse
4 Encourage wikimedians to use other languages than English and their mother tongue in order to foster bonds among projects and communities for example through assistance in learning multiple languages, or by translating and using sources from other languages Consulnico, RP87, Salix multi-language, interwiki
5 Modernize wikimedia platforms and tools by making them more ergonomic, more adapted to mobile, to discussions, to collaborative publishing and easy to understand for average user who does not know the wikicode for example. Trizek Olimparis, Pline, Speculos, FR, FrankyLeRoutier, Tpe.g5.stan, Jules78120, Erdrokan, El Funcionario, Sergio1006, Salix, HenriDavel modernity, accessibility, ergonomy
6 Strengthen the sense of pride and belonging among contributors and more particularly among new contributors. Trizek Olimparis, FR, Fuucx, Heather.Ruby newbies, belonging, community
7 Strengthen the anti-harassment policy against anti-newbies, misogynist, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. Trizek Olimparis, Superjuju10, Simon Villeneuve harassment, newbies, minority
8 Instead of focusing projects on American or Europe only, projects must also focus on Francophone Africa. Trizek, BamLifa, Touam, Olimparis, Jules78120 Africa, internationalization
9 Develop programs of joint action with non-governmental organizations (or even integrate them into local chapters) or even states and / or supra- / sub-state entities. Sijysuis, CreativeC38, Olimparis Partnership, internationalization, training, opening-up
10 Clean Meta-wiki, archive it , translate it, segregate its content related to WMF from the rest of wiki and remove formal procedures. CreativeC38 Meta-wiki, ergonomy, ease of use
11 Create a multilangual wiki for every project as it is done on Wikisource CreativeC38 multilingualism, internationalization
12 Fight against the biases inherent in under-represented communities or in certain categories of contributors Olimparis, Sijysuis, schiste bias, equality,minority; neutrality
13 Make knowledge accessible to as many people as possible by offering various formats: MOOC, podcasts, Youtube channels. To reduce the design costs of these formats, on the one hand the volunteer contributors could work and on the other hand the Foundation could hire professionals. Jean-Christophe BENOIST, CreativeC38, Lylvic, Touam Modernity, MOOC, video, podcast
14 Make sure Wikipedia will never (again) advertise or promote any political ideology by avoiding interfering directly in political matters., Fuucx, Superjuju10 Politics, neutrality, advertising, WMF
15 Make the Wikipedia more independent from one another, especially regarding the English-speaking Wikipedia. On commons for example, put an end to the use of English classification of the images and illustrations., Pline, Lomita Internationalization, autonomy, multilingualism, interwiki
16 Host Wikipedia servers in the countries mostly concerned by each version, and subject it to the laws of the countries concerned and not the US laws. However this would pose the problem of deciding which language is more legitimate to host the Wikipedia FR for example. Autonomy, Internationalization
17 Encourage and make contributing with IP much easier., Akeron IP, anonymity, privacy
18 Raise the criteria for quality articles. Pline Quality
19 Improve the quality of the articles by setting up teams of contributors targeting, in a given theme, articles of a certain importance. Pline Quality, community
20 Make quality articles accessible to various types of readers. Pline Accessibility, quality
21 Attract many more quality contributors Pline,Fuucx Contributors, quality
22 Improve the image of Wikipedia with potential contributors by correcting its "unreliable site" reputation. Pline Reliability, reputation, quality
23 Make the image search more intuitive using Query by Example, or Content Based Image Retrieval approaches to provide contributors with tailored images. Speculos Modernity, ergonomy, artificial intelligence
24 Strengthen the segregation between what is encyclopaedic and what is not, for example by checking the quality of the sources using semantic analysis. Pline, Speculos Reliability, reputation, quality
25 Encourage cross-cultural exchanges and feedback across communities and projects. Speculos, Simon Villeneuve cross-experience, community, internationalization
26 Valuing teamwork and collaborative aspects. Speculos, Heather.Ruby team-work, collaboration
27 Provide contributors with appropriate means to manage effectively the arrival of newcomers. Speculos, HenriDavel, LaMèreVeille contributors, newbies
28 Promote the Open culture and communicate towards the public better. Speculos communication, reputation, outreach
29 Give a better explanation of the objectives and principles of Wikipedia and its various projects. Speculos Communication, reputation, outreach
30 Augmenter le volume des contributions. FR Contributors, quality, quantity
31 Wikimedia should not focus only on Wikipedia but take into account the other projects too so as to avoid having Wikipedia do things that are not within its cope. Fuucx WMF, wikipedia, minority, interwiki
32 Offer rewards to contributors. Not in terms of money necessarily but the reward could be certificates or having these editors featured, giving them visibility. FR Reward, contributors, belonging
33 Do not scare but protect the newbies. FR Newbies, community
34 Protect the encyclopaedia from lobbies. FR, Darkoneko, Salix, HenriDavel, Lobbies, NPOV, neutrality
35 Give priority to articles that would be considered essential in a traditional encyclopedia. FR Encyclopaedia, quality
36 Have official Francophone representatives for each country to publicize wikis projects in the media. FR Outreach, media, reputation
37 Reducing the environmental impact of Wikimedia projects and the movement while keeping them still performing. Ahbon?, Jules78120 Sustainability, energy, environment
38 Correct the biases by avoiding that the "view that prevails" is that of the most active contributors, and unfortunately sometimes the most fanatical. Ahbon? NPOV, community
39 Improve the quality of content from a standpoint of academic standards. Ahbon? Quality, reputation, university
40 Attrach new contributors by using banners and CentralNotice for unregistered users. Creative38 Contributors, outreach
41 Encourage the media, including social media, to raise public awareness of the value and effective use of wiki projects. CreativeC38 Awareness, outreach, reputation, media
42 Improving mentorship system by having supervisor-type users coaching newbies, receiving notifications whenever newbies edits are reverted for example. CreativeC38 Newbies, mentorship, contributors
43 Improve the link among sister projects and promote their uses as sources for example or as related findings. CreativeC38, RP87 interwiki, reuse, modernity
44 Consider an interwiki search engine doing in view of both promoting wiki projects and reducing our dependency on Google. CreativeC38 Modernity, feature, search engine
45 Encourage contribution in areas where Wikipedia is less well known by working with local actors: developing countries, least developed countries, etc.Creative38, Jules78120 Outreach, developing countries, internationalization
46 Concentrate our efforts less on improving wikis but more on helping the public reusing efficiently Wikimedia resources. Creative38 Reuse, outreach
47 Display CentralNotice banners automatically when pages on Meta-Wiki stay outdated for too long. Creative38 Meta-wiki, feature
48 Improve accessibility for the visually impaired and other persons with disabilities by conducting studies on their use of wikis. Tractopelle-jaune Accessibility, feature, disability, research
49 Improve the discussion system by making it close to standard collaborative features, less burdensome, without banishing the wikicode to which several contributors are still attached. Tractopelle-jaune Modernity, feature, discussion, wikicode
50 Fix existing features as a priority before further improvement. Tractopelle-jaune Feature, improvement
51 Improve the connection between Wikidata and other wikis by correcting the many current dysfunctions. Tractopelle-jaune improvement, wikidata
52 Ensure that the new functionalities are fully operational before deploying otherwise they will face a violent rejection by the communities. Tractopelle-jaune Modernity, feature, community, test
53 Make fully operational syntax highlighting in wiki editors. Tractopelle-jaune, CreativeC38 Modernity, feature, editor
54 Attract new editors with CentralNotice or other banners stating "you can edit too" being displayed to readers. Tpe.g5.stan, Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick contributor, newbies, banner
55 Promote and teach wikis projects and tools in secondary and academic environments, which will lead to recruiting new contributors. Tpe.g5.stan, Sijysuis, Jules78120 Contributors, quality, university
56 Enrich wikis using tools/algorithms serving as a bridge between them eg: Wikidata. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick, Anthony59999 Modernity, feature, interwiki, reuse
57 Consider modern reading features: augmented reality, voice search, etc. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick Modernity, feature, augmented reality
58 Produce our own illustrations under creative commons licenses using drone shots. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick Photo, CC license, drone, modernity
59 Communicating more actively on new communication channels and media. Olimparis Media, outreach, modernity
60 Bridge the gender gap on wikimedia projects no matter what. Superjuju10 Gender gap, minority, women
61 Improve the user's perception of sysop or checkusers. Superjuju10 Checkuser, sysop, contributors
62 Continue to develop current projects and share free knowledge through them or through new projects. Jules78120 Improvement, outreach, knowledge
63 Do not interfere in editorial or organization aspects of Wikipedia - the movement is decentralized and must remain so. Jules78120, Lomita, Erdrokan Neutrality, autonomy, WMF
64 Listen to volunteers and communicate with theme better is paramount. Jules78120, Lomita Collaboration, contributors, WMF
65 To make the collaboration between the WMF and the movement more transparent and horizontal. Jules78120 Collaboration, contributors, WMF
66 Attract contributors with diverse and expert profiles, including sociological profiles. Jules78120, Hardi Laurel, Heather.Ruby Contributors, outreach
67 Find effective anti-vandalism mechanisms to avoid time wasted by contributors. Sergio1006, HenriDavel Vandalism, contributors
68 Consider training and accreditation of spokespersons who can speak on behalf of Wikipedia contributors. Sergio1006 Spokesperson, community, contributors
69 Build a network of correspondents in the municipal libraries with regular workshops. RP87 Partnerships, GLAMs
70 Build Audio and / or video communication tools to pacify exchanges that become conflicting when writing. RP87 Feature, video, audio, Conflict resolution
71 Make more publicity on meetups, training sessions and other events in order to answer the questions of the public, to explain the wiki projects and also to share knowledge and passion. Lomita meetup, outreach, reputation, newbies
72 Make referencing much easier. Salix references, quality, feature
73 Encourage proofreading for example by featuring, on Wikipedia homepage, a list of "sensitive" articles to be re-read . Salix quality, proofreading
74 Increase flexibility in resolving conflicts and encourage more peaceful debate among contributors. Salix, HenriDavel conflicts resolution, contributors
75 Keep on facilitating translations by improving the translation tool. HenriDavel Multilingualism, translation, feature
76 Focus less on the subjects that make headlines. HenriDavel quality, NPOV
77 Foster long-term partnerships with scientific, artistic, sports and other communities and institutions. In order to attract a readership more interested in deep topics rather than popular headlines. HenriDavel readers, partnerships
78 Do not jeopardize or lose sight of the goals of each project: disseminating knowledge under free license and without advertising. Erdrokan, Jules Fuucx goals, means
79 Develop cross-platform initiatives that make wiki projects a global movement, not centered on private or political interests. Nattes à chat interwiki, collaboration
80 Develop a culture of non-violent communication and respect by publishing a multilingual manual of good behaviros. Nattes à chat Harassment, conflict resolution, manual
81 For French wikis more particularly, encourage Francophonie and adopt writing practices that take into account geographical differences. Nattes à chat Francophonie, internationalization
82 Reduce biases by targeting and improving notable topics related to gender, Africa, women, etc. Nattes à chat Bias, gender , women, Africa
83 Recruit contributors in areas with significant content gaps or bias. Nattes à chat Bais, contributors
84 Involve a young readership. Nattes à chat readership, youth
85 Organize wikipermanences or meetups on a regular basis. Nattes à chat Wikipermanence, meetups
86 We should not just contribute in our scope, according to our interests and affinities but we should also look to the outside and collaborate with others as a movement. schiste collaboration, community
87 To preserve the mission of offering every human being the possibility to access knowledge freely. schiste, Hardi Laurel, Heather.Ruby mission, vision, knowledge
88 Having more diversity in terms of contributors in order to better take into account the needs of each community. schiste diversity, community
89 Have a healthy discussion about paid contributions and potential conflicts of interest.LaMèreVeille, Hardi Laurel paid contributions, conflicts of interest, neutrality
90 We should preserve old contributors who have been doing much for this encyclopedia and encourage new ones to join the best we can. Hardi Laurel contributors, newbies
91 Give to the admins the power to execute the sanction, but leave the arbitration role to others, either to the community directly or to the arbitration committee. Hardi Laurel Conflict Resolution, Administrators, Contributors
92 Taking into account technological advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Jean-Christophe BENOIST, Jean trans h+ feature, modernity, AI
93 Sitenotice should be used sparingly and, in particular, never continuously for more than a certain time (one month?), Even with different statements. Simon Villeneuve central notice
94 To have a certain tolerance for the benign unpublished works, that is to say a work not sourced, but legal and not polemical.Simon Villeneuve Unpublished work
95 Build, as it is done on Wikipedia in English, editing rules preventing a majority from having control over a project. minority, majority, neutrality
96 Apply the same rules and guidelines of a project on the IRC channels dedicated to that project. Simon Villeneuve IRC, guidelines
97 Re-energize projects, and create todo-lists for improving things. Heather.Ruby Todolist, Re-energize
98 Free access without subscription to scientific articles and press articles would be a great step forward. Heather.Ruby scientific articles, press
99 Set up mechanisms to ensure that contributors have enough knowledge when editing a certain topic.DePlusJean quality, vandalism, contributors
100 Train the contributors of the different projects to bring them closer and to improve their mutual understanding. DePlusJean communication, training, cohesion
101 Put in place a system of permission dependent on the rank of the contributor, graded progressively in view of various criteria: training, contributions, etc.DePlusJean grade, quality, contributors

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