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  • Personal info: (English)
    Hi everyone! I'm Vermont. I created my account in 2016, and have been editing around the global Wikimedia community since late 2018. I edit in a mix of areas including cross-wiki cleanup, Meta-Wiki RfCs and clerking, anti-spam and paid editing efforts, and promoting civility and editor retention.

    I started my admin work on the Simple English Wikipedia in June 2018, which is a project unfortunately subject to a lot of vandalism and spam from cross-wiki problem editors. That naturally led to work on Meta-Wiki and in global cleanup, and in 2019 I was elected a global sysop (in March) and admin on Meta-Wiki (in June). In May 2020, I was elected a CheckUser on the Simple English Wikipedia and in October 2020 on Meta-Wiki. Aside from that work, I have been volunteering as a VRT agent since August 2018 and roughly a year ago began helping out as a coordinator with the Merchandise Giveaway program.

    From my work on Meta-Wiki and globally for a few years now, I am familiar with Steward processes and believe it would be a positive shift in my workflow. In my role as a checkuser and admin on Meta-Wiki and the Simple English Wikipedia, I am often involved in cross-wiki CheckUser investigations, ranging from vandals to paid editors to the Kubura case here on Meta. As a global sysop, I assist in small project maintenance and cleanup and respond to requests on GSR.

    If elected as a Steward, I would be able to expand my cross-wiki work into SRG and SRM requests, clerking global RfCs, assisting with the Stewards email queue and related backlogs. In my work in cross-wiki areas, I generate a lot of steward tasks, mostly in the area of global locks, blocks, and loginwiki checks that being a Steward would help with. Many of these areas are currently or have recently been experiencing backlogs, including SRG, SRM, and the Stewards email queue. I believe my experience in global areas can be a benefit to the team, both in helping to clear these backlogs and with other community requests.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, and happy editing!
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